The accelerating coronavirus disease is pushing the Indian economy into a dark space and the people living on the margins are bearing the maximum brunt. If no action is taken soon, they will get deeper into the financial crises.

Understanding the depth of the situation the celebrated Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee took to his Instagram to convince people to buy Indian products and promotive the wellbeing of the small retailers and daily wage earners. “People at the top’ need to realize that if the ‘bottom topples’, ‘everyone, including them, will come crashing down’, he stated in his Instagram post.

Courtesy- Instagram

The Kolkata based fashion designer also urged the citizens of India to promote Indian origin brands rather than opting for international ones, as this will help to boost the Indian economic amid the surging coronavirus pandemic which has led to a country-wide lockdown, forcing multiple retailers and businesses to pull their shutter down for a long period.

Sabyasachi not just referred to the purchase of clothing but also food, architecture, entertainment, travel, etc. in his Instagram post. He advocates giving power to the grassroots industries as he believes that they are the foundation of the big brands that we exist today. With this, he also aims at preserving the immense heritage of the country.

The post also saw various comments from several followers on the social networking application. One of the Instagram users wrote, “Make an affordable clothing range for the average Indian maybe?”

Due to the lockdown period even big brands are fighting for survival, it is becoming difficult to maintain the financial health of their small and medium-sized partners, therefore, if the situation is not taken care of soon everything from the top level to bottom will see irrevokable effects. 



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