Smriti Irani shows her gratitude towards FDCI for coming up with a support fund to help the needy people of the industry financially.

The Textile and the Apparel Industry is one of the most adversely hit industries due to the lockdown announced by the Indian Government. Realizing the need for the hour the Fashion Design Council of India has set up a COVID-19 support fund for all the budding designers and the small entrepreneurs in the field.

“We, as a fraternity, are what we are because of each one of our designers; their passion is our driving force and with a little support we can lend them some strength to spring back on their feet sooner than later.

FDCI has taken the lead to set up a COVID-19 Support Fund (CSF by FDCI) to provide financial assistance to small businesses and young designers in need. An eminent designer member of the industry has very kindly pledged support to this cause. The Council, the Board and myself are putting in the seed funds to get this rolling”, says Sunil Sethi, Chairman of FDCI. This initiative by FDCI will provide the craftsmen with necessary aid in the trying times of coronavirus.

The move saw appreciation by Smriti Irani, Textile Miniter of India, who shared a video on Instagram to express her gratitude, saying, “The Indian fashion industry is the pride of the Indian textile industry. Today those who weave dreams onto a cloth are weaving together a support group. My gratitude to the Fashion Design Council of India, ably led by Sunil Sethi, for coming up with a COVID-19 fund.”

“I’m hopeful that the fund which will come together with the assistance of designers, design houses and other organizations affiliated to them will help us tide through these challenging times,”.

“My belief is together we can and we will meet all these challenges head on. As the minister of textiles, I can only say this that you will find us standing shoulder-to-shoulder through your challenges so that together we can work towards a solution,” she added.



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