May 27: Couture Rani is relaunching its name, however, it now has a multi-brand e-commerce site to bring South Asian brands to the United States. Also, the brand has newly launched Atsu Sekhose’s latest collection online.

Launched 10 years ago, Couture Rani was introduced as a made-to-order bridal fashion brand and now, it has shifted into developing a roster of sustainable and community-driven fashion labels those present craft techniques from South Asia.

Similarly, its new e-commerce was marked with the latest collection of Atsu Sekhose. This collection mixes the western wear silhouettes like shirt dresses and blazers with traditional Indian craft techniques such as beading.

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Sharing about the latest development, Couture Rani’s CEO, Gina Mathew, told Elle India, “Our goal is to shine a spotlight on the incredible talent from the region and focus our attention on brands that follow a slow fashion approach. Craftsmanship, sustainability and supporting artisan communities is at the forefront of Couture Rani’s mission.”

Furthermore, Mathew added, “We’re very excited to be launching the new site. We will initially feature a small roster of designers and add more over the next few months. One aspect we’re most excited about is providing a space to incubate young design talent and give them an opportunity to showcase their collection on our site. We will be working with Ashwin Thiyagarajan as our first emerging talent whose journey we’ll share via our social media channels. There are also pop-up events in the works and expanding our offerings into beauty and lifestyle products.”



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