May 19: Shifting its focus to revive the dying popularity of Indian art and craft, the Made in India brand Amiraah aims at spotlighting Indian designers, workmanship, aesthetics.

The co-founder of the company Pooja Gupta says that the brand aims to supplement the revival of Indian crafts and innovation in handmade practices. The creations of the brand are curated ‘further the movement of slow fashion promoting ecological integrity and sustainability’.

Amiraah stems from the philosophy of preserving indigenous arts and homespun craftsmanship and extending the same vision of cultural, deep-rooted Indian aesthetics for the design and outlook of the store.

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In its most recent interview with a leading fashion website, Gupta quoted, “That is why we have all sustainable, make in India brands on board with us. And we move ahead with the core values of our culture.”

Likewise most brands around the globe, Amiraah also had to struggle its way up to success amid COVID-19-induced lockdowns during the previous year.

Talking about the impact of the pandemic, she said, “The first three months of the lockdown were frankly difficult to navigate as sales had drastically reduced for the Amiraah store. We had to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate our position, find solutions for problems we didn’t think would ever arise. Unfortunately, tough calls had to be made from downsizing staff to salary cut downs, rentals, general and miscellaneous amenities to putting off a lot of new avenues that we wanted to explore all this to keep the brand afloat.”



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