June 12: Littleens, a children’s wear brand has recently launched its first-ever loungewear collection as it is titled Yesteryear Worlde. The range designed for making ‘staying at home’ easier this summer as the collection has been manufactured from plant-based textiles.

The new line of sustainable loungewear by Littleens has been launched online. The information was given by the brand as announced in its press release. The product range has both ethnic and western styles for both girls and boys.

These garments in the collection are made from plant-based fibres such as rose petals, soya, banana peel, aloe vera, orange peel, lotus stem, and bamboo. With the help of these textiles, the brand minimises production waste in an eco-friendly way. The fabrics are soft and quite comfortable to wear especially for children.

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Littleens was launched last year in 2020 by its founder Mitali Bhargava. Following the success of the brand, the founder also plans to introduce a couture gifting range in the near future.

Talking about the same during a press release, Littleens’ founder Mitali Bhargava quoted, “As consumers, we’ve become increasingly conscious about our purchases. The primary and essential goal of Littleens is to achieve a healthy coexistence between humans, animals, and the environment. We develop the products using sustainably farmed materials and mention who made these clothes for you, in what condition they were made. Therefore, highlighting the social aspects of creating a fully ‘sustainable’ collection.”



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