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Burberry launches sustainable collection “ReBurberry” for Spring-Summer 2020

Sustainability is a key trend in today’s world. For any brand, who wants to stay in the business for a long run has to go the environmental way

Luxury brand Burberry has recently launched its sustainable line for spring-summer 2020 with a total of 26 pieces in the cache. Titled “ReBurbeery” the collection promotes the idea of a circular economy, consequently using sustainable fabrics and circular materials for the production.

The special spring-summer edit is an amalgamation of luxury clothes and accessories. The iconic trenchcoat, cannon belt packs, and backpacks are some of the key offerings from the collection. With this, the brand targets both men and women who have an inclination towards sustainable fashion.

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The brand used ECONYL- a recycled nylon yarn made from regenerated fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastics to tailor out the outerwear essentials for its collection. The surface embellishments on the products have been done using bio-based acetate which is produced through renewable energy.

To top it all, Burberry claimes that, it would donate the leftover fabric from the collection to Progetto Quid- a women-led, non-profit Italian brand that employees disadvantaged people.

Earlier, Burberry had also announced the dissemination of sustainable labeling. This label will be a symbol of sustainability and credibility for all the key products of the global retailer. It will be produced out of 40% upcycled coffee cups that otherwise contribute to the growing landfill. It would be fully recyclable and would be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The pistachio coloured label which resembles oak paper would become a perfect sign of sustainability for the brand.

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The label would be an indicator of how the brand meets its criteria of “positive attributes”. Positive attributes that depict the sustainability level of the brand, takes different aspects like worker’s condition, use of natural fibers, and carbon emission into account. At present, a total of two-third of the brand’s products meet these criteria. Burberry aims to push all its products under the positive attribute labelling till 2020.

ReBurbeery collection is available to customers on the official web- stores of the brand.


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