The celebrity chef Ranveer Brar has just recently hit 1 million followers on Instagram and is using this opportunity to mark the beginning of his new project.  The project is to help street-food sellers all over the country to restart their business in the post-pandemic world. The project is in association with the National Association of Street Vendors of India or also known as Nasvi.

Brar says that he intends to celebrate both of these milestones by taking up a new cause — one that includes returning to society. To this end, Ranveer will use his global status on social media to raise awareness and funds for these pan-India training modules, some of which he will also conduct directly through Zoom. The intention is to inspire more vendors to come forward for the preparation, on completion of which they are offered a chance for a proper business footing via an FSSAI certificate + a starter kit consisting of an apron, a pair of gloves, a sanitizer and a mask. Brar also wants to enable clients to share self-curated, sanitization kits through # MakingMillionCount.

Brar also wants to encourage patrons to share self-curated sanitization kits with their favourite roadside suppliers through # MakingMillionCount to encourage and inspire them back to work.

Brar, a boy from Lucknow, has a long association with the street food community for which the city is renowned. “You crave street food when you are young. Perhaps far later can you learn to love home-cooking, “he says.” Food on the street is near to my heart because of the legacies, magic and stories we get with every bite. He is partial to Varanasi’s chaat and Kachori, Lucknow’s tundey kababs or even Old Delhi’s famous chole bhature.

By starting this program, he is helping such small vendors to stand up on their own. Many customers are now not interested in visiting these street shops anymore, by providing proper sanitation equipment it will jump-start their business.



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