27 January: Indians love gifts but what’s when you come to know that you might win a Bullet bike in a contest? A restaurant in Pune has introduced an offer to attract consumers. The restaurant named Shivraj Hotel residing in the Vadgaon Maval area is giving an opportunity to the people to win a Bullet bike by participating in a contest. All you need to do is eat a thali. Sounds easy?

Well, the Win A Bullet Bike contest for those who manage to eat a massive Bullet thali within just 60 minutes. Amid the worldwide crisis of economic losses, the restaurant is reaching places with its unique concept. However as suggested by the reports, the participants have to finish a non-veg thali, so the vegetarians can only watch and have fun.

The winners will be able to win a Royal Enfield Bullet worth of Rs. 1.65 lakh. Reportedly, the thali costs Rs. 2,500, contains around 12 dishes including fried Surmai, chicken tandoori, pomfret fried fish, dry mutton, chicken masala, grey mutton, and kolumbi (prawn) biryani.

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This was not the first time that Shivraj Hotel organised such contest. Previously, the hotel also set up a contest where 4 participants had to finish an 8 kg Ravan thali within 60 minutes with an award of Rs. 5,000 cash.

Shivraj Hotel took to Instagram to share the picture of their massive thali. Have a look at the thali post here.



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