Enticing “CHHENAPODA” leads to triumph of Abinas Nayak (Winner of Master Chef Season 6)


Every Odiya’s heart prevails in the lingering taste of smoked cottage cheese combined with sugar syrup which gets melted into the mouth bequeathing a juicy taste of caramelised sugar with semolina, crumbs of chhena and a smoky aroma. This delicacy is none other than “Chhenapoda”. An unheard dish buried somewhere in the lands of Odisha.

Picture Credits – beta.bawarchi.com

Chenapoda is a typical traditional dish being cooked in the households of the local people of Odisha for hundreds of years. Nobody but a quintessential Odiya can give justice to it by cooking it in a right demeanour.Abinas Nayak has proved it by preparing it in the sumptuous kitchen on the Grand Day of Master Chef India, Season 6.

Picture Credits – Facebook Post of Abinas Nayak

Abinas Nayak, born and brought up in a small town called Berhampur in Odisha hooks up his roots with the traditional cuisine of Odisha. That’s the reason, he decided to cook a dish which he has been witnessing since childhood, being prepared by his Grandmother. His prompt and recompense decision in which he added his tremendous and ingenious techniques, learnt in the battle ground of the grand kitchen of master chef helped him to sail through this journey of master chef with so much of ease.

Picture Credits – indiamart.com

His talent, power of observation, hunger to learn and make others hungry by seeing his appetizing dishes, typical down to earth mind set which is in the blood of Odiya’s has made him the Winner of Master Chef India, Season 6.


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