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List of most popular, top male fashion bloggers in India



When many prominent designers created beautifully woven unique pieces of clothing for women, men’s fashion was viewed differently. It was the film industry around the world that brought us to a realisation that there is much to experiment in terms of men’s fashion. Therefore when the fashion industry stepped into revolutionizing men’s fashion, they were further uplifted by fashion enthusiasts who turned bloggers to bring creative ways to promote this new culture.

Here are a few prominent male fashion bloggers who create envy in men and inspires them to adopt a fashion that is fun and classy.

Usaamah Sidhique

Organised and passionate, Usaamah is highly recognised for his blog “The dapper label”. His idea of becoming a full time blogger came about while working for a celebrity stylist. He created a niche for himself by bringing in fresh looks without being too loud. His style and fashion tips provide simple and amusing ways to use one’s wardrobe in the most creative way possible. His minimum styling and the use of accessories to add a soft quirk, has been appreciated by his 100k following and by prominent brands that he has endorsed such as H&M, Calvin Klein, Dior and the like.


The dapper label

Jattin Jay

A street style lover, Jattin Jay has made his mark in the world of fashion blogging through his blog called “The style doodler”. His blog is not only about style but gives men suggestions and tips on grooming along with the best products to use for their skin. His vibrant style is loved by over 29.2k of his followers who use his simple yet elegant colour contrast and sense of style to look their best. He is updated on the industry trends and provides the best suggestions on the upcoming brands and labels, in order to create an affordable yet classy look for his ardent followers.


The style doodler

Karron S Dingrra

A corporate lawyer turned fashion and style blogger, Karron S Dingrra owns one of the popular blogs, “The formale edit”. A true believer of innovation, he believes that when it comes to fashion it’s all about creating a personality with an edge. His sense of style can therefore seem quirky and a bit over the top, which is precisely what is loved by his 3 Lac following. A unique combination of urban and classic define his style quotient especially in the formal wear section. He also uses his blog to provide grooming suggestions for people who want to look their best for various occasions.


The formale edit

Shakti Singh Yadav

A passionate fashion blogger, Shakti Yadav is dedicated to bringing forward a sense of creativity into style with what is available in the closet, through his blog, “The February boy”. His simple yet elegant tips and tricks to make an ordinary garment look smart yet stylish has been popular among his 2 Lac following. This simplicity and originality helps him to connect better with his audience. His style quotient is a combination of affordability and elegance. His love for OOTD’s and his sense of creativity showcased through his photographs adds a fun element to his blog.


The February boy

Akshay Sharma

Offbeat is the word that seems to be written all over Akshay sharma’s blog, “Never stay sober”. For any fashion enthusiast who loves to experiment in a completely out of the box manner, Akshay will have you stay tuned to his world. In the men’s fashion world, he unabashedly showcases his loud and quirky personality through his daring outfits. This form of self expression is what sets him apart from the rest of the bloggers. One of the messages that he is trying to put out through his blog is to break the stereotypical view of fashion and tries to inspire his 3 Lac following to experiment and showcase their personality without a sense of fear.


Never stay sober

Tejeshwar Sandhoo

For men who want to look classy wearing the most simple and modest designs, “Blueberry blackout” is their go-to place. Launched in 2014, Tejeshwar Sandhoo started his blog because of the gap he found in identifying a men’s fashion influencer. His blog is an inspiration for all ordinary men who feel that fashion and style isn’t their cup of tea. He believes that self confidence is the biggest style quotient and it is this belief that he brings into his blog to connect with his ardent following. Along with unique prints and patterns he adds much quirk to his outfits.


Blueberry Blackout

Allen Claudius

Bowties and bones”, is an interesting blog not only in its sound but otherwise as well. Owned by Allen Claudius, who has a flair for writing, he brings to the world of fashion a unique easy to imitate look for anyone who wants to have fun with cloths. By documenting his experiences and real life situation he brings niche into the blogosphere by bringing his own personality and self into his sense of style and fashion that is much loved by his 2 Lac following. A true lover of street wear and sneaker, anyone who wants an inspiration and wants to play with patterns and colour, Allen will have you gripped.

Website: bowtiesandbones

Bowties and Bones

Param Sahib

Quirky is the dominant emotion that goes through anyone who visits “Parambanana”, one of the most interesting and inspiring blogs owned by Param Sahib. Param’s style is unpredictable and bold, which is what creates a niche in the world of men’s fashion. With unlimited quirky alternatives to have fun with in terms of colour, patterns and silhouettes, Param wins the hearts of his limited and ardent following every single time. He never ceases to amaze us with his radiant and exciting sense of personality which he brings into his style as well, an extension of which can be seen in the clothing brand he launched called Param Sahib clothing.



Abhinav Mathur

Luxury and class defines the style quotient of Abhinav Mathur, on his blog “Abix”. His flair for theatre and acting was recognized by brands who wanted him to curate content for them, which finally brought him to the blogosphere. His safe yet, smart style has been an inspiration for anyone wanting to keep it simple yet elegant in their everyday lives. His carefully crafted looks with his formal wear has the eyes of his followers glued to the style and fashion he has created. His credentials include endorsement of brands like OPPO and HP.



Dhruv Madan

A fitness consultant and nutritionist, Dhruv Madan has also created his identity in the world of fashion blogging through “Dhruvmadanofficial”. Along with his 2 Lac following, his style in casual and formal clothing is spot on for anyone who wants to add the right amount of fun, comfort and boldness to their sense of style. His edgy style is an easy-to-imitate for anyone who wants a quick fix on how to look classy. His blog is a double whammy for people who want to get inspiration on fashion and fitness.


Dhruv Madan official

Arpit Pahwa

Minimalistic is what defines Arpit Pahwa’s way of fashion in his blog, “The Parallel edit”. A digital marketing enthusiast, Arpit brings his originality by adopting a style that is clean and simple. He plays around with colours even in the midst of the simplicity by bringing in unique colours and contrasting them with uncommon ones. His blog is perfect for anyone who is not a fan of experimenting and is looking for an affordable solution to look their best. He endorses various prominent brands like ponds, Peter England, Fab India and the like.


The parallel edit

Arshad Ahmad

Arshad Ahmad seems like a man who lives and breathes fashion. Launched in 2013, “Iamarshd” has become a safe haven for anyone looking for change in style and wants to add a bit of elegant quirkiness to their wardrobe. He has been successful in adding just the right amount of colour and style to the lives of his ardent following who looks for a style suggestion on a daily basis. His colour palate has also been enviable. He is the right person to turn to for people who wants to stay updated with the latest fashion trends.



Sandeep Rai

Quick to grab the spotlight, Sandeep Rai started his blog “Basciallymenz” in the year 2018. A flair for vintage fashion defines the style of this Delhi boy who loves to experiment with different silhouettes and patterns. His blog is carefully crafted with photographs that are stunning to look at, which brings a tone of richness to his fashion. A lover of tailored suits, anyone who wants to be event ready and are looking for innovative ideas on wearing suits and is open to experimenting should follow Sandeep for the latest trends.



Shyam Tyagi

Creativity is what defines Shyam Tyagi’s sense of style in his blog “The style mirror”. He is eccentric with the right amount of quirk that will set your day off to the perfect start. His fashion is fun yet elegant. Shyam is regular with giving his ardent following of 1.5 Lac styling and grooming suggestions through online workshops conducted by him. A big believer of relevance, he is updated with the latest trends and often creates easy-to-imitate versions of the latest styles. He encourages his audience to go for comfort and create their own sense of style.


The style mirror


Known as the grooming guru, Riaan has won many hearts through his blog, “Urban eye”. A fashion enthusiast who indulges in luxury fashion, Riaan is both effortless and elegant. He successfully grips the fashion enthusiasts with his minimalist yet confident style statement. His grooming tips are what his following is most enthusiastic about. To his credential he has not only fashion, but luxury, lifestyle and aviation which makes his blog all the more interesting and vibrant.


Urban eye

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Birkenstock entered the Indian market back in December 2019, however, its history dates back to 1774. As triggered by the covid-19 era, the German brand also launched its e-commerce platform in order to ensure that the buyers can shop from the comfort of their homes without risking the lives amid covid spread.

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