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KG Fabriks proudly announces participation in “Jeans Redesign Project”

The “Jeans Redesign Project” is an initiative by Ellen McArthur’s Foundation to promote the idea of a circular economy.

KG Fabriks recently announced that it is going to be an active participant in the project. The project is aimed to bring some major changes in the infamous production of denim fabric. With a motive to follow a minimalistic approach in areas like garment durability, material health, water usage, and recyclability, it is aimed towards achieving sustainability in the process. The guidelines under the “Jeans Redesign Project” are set up in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

“We are one among the 50+ companies globally to participate in this sustainability revolution, along with other brands and retailers, fabric mills, and garment factories.” This statement comes from the KG Fabrik officials.

Ellen McArthur’s foundation was launched in 2010 with a simple goal to achieve sustainability in the world of fashion. Their “Make Fashion Circular” binds leading stakeholders of the industry together, along with a number of philanthropist and NGOs. Their “Jeans Redesign Project” is another initiative driven towards eradicating the harmful effects of jeans production.

KG Fabriks, based in Coimbatore commenced business in 2005. Since then it has been a pioneer of sustainability in the industry. It is the only jeans manufacturing company that adopts energy-efficient measures, water recycling, and controls greenhouse emissions in its endeavors. Consequently, the company is way ahead of the 2030 sustainability goals of its competitors in the field.

KG Fabriks happens to be the only denim company to have three trademarks Green Dnm, Product Zero, and Nature’s Blue. Moreover, it is India’s only Greenco Gold rated denim company by CII. The company is a leading denim fabric exporter that sells to countries like Bangladesh, South Korea, Middle East, South America among others. Now, with the decision to join “Jeans Redesign Project” it is all set to add one more feather to its cap.


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