By taking another step forward to build its offline network, Jewellery brand Bluestone launched its first store at Phoenix Market City, Pune. The company is now planning to strengthen its offline reach in a year by adding 100 operational stores to the list. 

Commenting on the launch, Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, founder and CEO of Bluestone, said, “The launch of this store is a significant milestone in the growth of the company. A store is a precious touch-point where the customers build trust with a brand.” 

Furthermore elaborating on the expansion idea Khushwaha added, “We aim to strategically establish various stores to offer buyers an immersive jewellery browsing and buying experience. At the same time, these stores make for convenient point-of-contacts between our brand and customers, which goes a long way in building credibility.” 

Calling the Pune store a pioneer, the CEO claims that the brand had seven successful launch stories so far in the saga of expanding their offline reach all across the country. 





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