This Christmas Indian clothing and lifestyle brand Jiyo and The Asian Heritage Foundation have come together to hold a Christmas Bazaar from December 12 to 15 in Mehrauli, New Delhi. What stands out in this Bazaar is the idea to promote sustainable gifts.

Source: Facebook

The four-day event will showcase a wide variety of products from across the country to promote India’s craftsmen and their work. From textiles, jewellery, decorative Items, apparel to home accessories, the bazaar will feature it all.

Source: Facebook

Calling it the “Showcase of intelligent design and bespoke experience,” Jiyo took it to Facebook to make the announcement. The event will also feature live coffee reading sessions with writer, poet and public speaker Shqipe Malushi. The Gift of the Prophets: Conquering the Ocean of Love and Beyond the Walls of the Forgotten Land are some of her works.



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