The world is witnessing an unprecedented situation, which has brought every country to a standstill. To fight the deadly coronavirus everyone around the globe is doing their best.

In these trying times of COVID-19, each citizen is doing its bit to combat the situation that has jeopardized the world economy. Even the fashion industry well understands the responsibility it has on its shoulder during this corona pandemic and does not hesitate to come forward. From big names like Burberry to e-commerce companies like Myntra; everyone is contributing to the best of their capabilities.

Recently, Myntra has taken a step forward with the Bengaluru based clothing company- Wildcraft to produce face masks, which has become an essential item to prevent people from the corona outbreak. The face masks will be priced at Rs.200 which will come under the Wildcraft’s Hypersheild range and mark its foray into the Personal Protective Gear segment.

Courtesy- Business Standard

In times where most of the businesses have been asked to halt their operations, eCommerce sites like Myntra are still on their feet to make sure that no house gets deprived of the daily necessities while adhering to the basic sanitation and hygiene measures.

This struggling time has created fear amongst the people, a result of which the country is facing a scarcity of the face masks, a vital element to protecting itself from the deadly virus. This shortage has simulated the collaboration between Myntra and Wildcraft. The range will also see the production of other protective equipment like sleeping bags and safety kits.

Apart from that, Flipkart owned Myntra has been encouraging its customers to stay at home. It introduced various engaging activities like online games and fashion shows to keep the audience engrossed and entertain them while disseminating the message of “Stay Home Stay Safe”.

Both, Myntra and Wildcraft is taking all the preventive measures and is devoted to helping the nation with all its capabilities. The former also understands its duty towards its employees and is supporting them by providing pay benefits to the employees who have developed the disease or are quarantined.



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