December 10: Consisting of 12,638 tiny diamonds, a flower-shaped ring has managed to earn a place in the Guinness World Records. However, the maker of this ring, who is an Indian jeweler, does not have any plan to sell this priceless creation, as of now. This exclusive circular band, called as The Marigold- The Ring of Prosperity, weighs over 165 grams.

This ring was a creation by jeweler Harshit Bansal, aged 25, who described his work as his ‘dream project’ who says that the ring is wearable and comfortable. Bansal expressed that while studying jewellery design in Surat’s western city, that is India’s diamond hub, almost two years ago, he received an idea to create such a design.

He told AFP, “My target was always more than 10,000 diamonds. I trashed many designs and concepts over the years to finally zero in on this.” Further, in a statement, his company claimed that each and every tiny petal used to make this 8-layered ring design was unique. Turning down the buyers, the jeweler quoted, “We have no plans of selling it right now.”

Photo credits: The Indian Express

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The Meerut-based jeweller is serving as managing director at Renani Jewels. Bansal is a professional gemologist who are brought laurels to the country by creating a new world record.

Believing that the creation was priceless, Bansal said that it was a moment of pride for both their company and the country as well. Prior to this record, another one was determined by Guinness itself which was also set in India. The previous record was for a ring with 7,801 diamonds.



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