Online shopping fair, May 25: United together, womenswear brand Amiraah along with crafts retailer Sanatkada have been running an online fashion and lifestyle shopping fair Karigari from May 19 to 26.

The sole motive of the shopping fair was to extend support towards the artisans across India. Amiraah announced the same via Facebook as it said that by promoting these artisans spread across the country, both the brands wish to provide them with a platform that uplifts them even more.

All the proceedings from this online shopping fair will directly go to the actual makers of the products. Several garment manufacturers and craftspeople across India have been lacking financial aid amid upraised difficulties because of the halted work along with most of the fashion industry.

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The products that have been featured in the shopping fair include marble work objects by Agra-based group Al Maun. Other than this, a range of accessories and textiles have also been featured. The fair has been taking place on Sanatkada’s dedicated e-commerce platform.

Alongside its prime motive, the fair also aims to raise awareness about the craftsmanship in India, designed to lead long-term support for the artisans. Amiraah further said, “Through Karigari, we wanted to make a real sustainable long-term impact as these artisans are the backbone of the industry and we want to bring them back on their feet.”

Furthermore, Amiraah expressed, “Recognising the impact of cancelled orders and inventory backlogs by fashion houses and small businesses that employ handwork artisans, all profits from the sales of the virtual shopping experience at Amiraah will go to these artisans via Sanat Kada, an initiative based out of Lucknow that has always worked towards bringing crafts straight from the Karigar.”




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