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Designer Manish Malhotra, “Couture is Changing”

Designer Manish Malhotra talks about changing couture, trends in 2020 and being unapologetically yourself 

“The fashion rule for 2020 is people being unapologetically themselves,” says ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra. The designer will complete a three decade long journey next year. Looking back at his career, he said “I stand strong when it comes to identity, because my journey is very unique. It’s completely different from the entire fashion fraternity.”

The designer rose to fame in 90’s as  a costume designer and has become the most know designer in the country and not to mention Bollywood’s favourite!  “Having started as a costume designer, worked for years, I’m working with the fourth generation of actors in the movies right now. I went into mainstream fashion, and now I have large stores and catering to a world clientele. It’s a 24-year job, in what I wish was a 48-hour day. It’s sometimes crazy, stressful, but you really have to love your job like I do,” he added.

Actor Kiara Advani for Manish Malhotra’s Blenders Pride Fashion Tour launch

The ace designer is currently working on Karan Johar’s Mughal-era film ‘Takht’, which he says is a challenge. As he also completes 15 years of his fashion label next year, Malhotra is gearing up for a busy year with celebrations and projects.

Talking about today’s industry scenario he said, “I see fabulous energy in younger designers, who don’t fear to be true to themselves. They wear what they want to, and style and mix it up. What is phenomenal that I have seen in the past few years, that people are not afraid of being themselves, and that’s a big trend that’s going to rule next year. I hope that’s a trend forever.”


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Talking about good couture designs and the change in the industry Malhotra said, “What makes for good couture design for me is a piece’s timelessness, intricacy, finish and luxuriousness of it, and innovation because couture is changing.”

Malhotra will also start co-designing jewellery next year with Raniwala, a Jaipur-based jeweller founded in the 1800s.


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