From launching the brand in 2013 to making it one of the most recognisable names in the industry, a lot of hardwork and patience has gone into the journey of Huda Beauty. Founder Huda Kattan recently spoke about the key to stand out in the growing competition and rapidly expanding market.

“It may seem very emotional, but I think the two things that set you apart from growing competition are authenticity and connection,” said Kattan talking to IANS Life. “Without these two, I think it’s hard to stand out and to build a loyal community despite how strong your business model may be,” she added.

Nude Obsessions by Huda Beauty
Source: Instagram (Huda Beauty)

From being a beauty blogger to launching her own beauty brand, the founder has come a long way. Taking it from the brand’s journey, Kattan said it’s important to keep customers on priority and cater according to their needs. She stated, “All of the content we push is extremely authentic and we still recommend and promote other products to show that it’s still the case. During a consumer-led time, it’s important to really understand what ‘consumer-led’ means and to operate accordingly.”

Rose collection from Huda Beauty

“We do everything from the heart and our community knows it. We talk with them, listen to them and make them feel like they are a part of our journey because they are. We don’t try to sell them anything we don’t truly believe in and they know that,” she concluded.



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