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Asa as Indian brand launches online with natural products



22, January: Realising the need for natural products, Asa has launched online as a new Indian cosmetics and wellness brand using the refillable packaging and natural ingredients. The product range of the new beauty brand includes lipsticks, concealers, mascaras, lip & cheek tints, cream correctors among its other wide variety of products. The newly launched brand Asa is a dedicated e-commerce platform and is providing free shipping all across India.

Sharing her take on why she decided to launch the brand, Asa’s founder, Asha Jindal Khaitan quoted, “The waste produced by the makeup industry has been overlooked for a long time now which is why creating an option that is meant to last, rather than just being for a one time use, was the need of the hour.”

The co-founder of the brand, Sukriti Jindal Khaitan, told Vogue India, “We have done an extensive research to ensure that our products can easily be reusable and refillable, time and again. We chose aluminium for our casings along with a coating that not only looks good, feels good to touch but also offers resistance to the metal, to ensure that the quality of the packaging is not affected due to external environmental conditions.”

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ABFRL partners with designer Tarun Tahiliani to launch men’s ethnic wear brand



March 03: Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL) has undergone a strategic partnership with renowned designer Tarun Tahiliani aiming to launch a contemporary ethnic wear brand for men.

ABFRL will be holding an 80 per cent stake in the new launch, however, at the same time, Tahiliani will be holding the remaining 20 per cent stakes. The latest brands aim to open as many as 250 stores all across the country over the next five years along with its plans to launch the first set of its retail stores by September 2021.

ABFRL has made similar investments with some other reputed names as well like in Jaypore and Shantanu & Nikhil. Along with this, the retail brand has also announced its partnership with Sabyasachi. With these investments and partnerships, ABFRL is planning its future growth segment.

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The designer and CEO of the Tarun Tahiliani brand, Tarun Tahiliani quoted, “Last year, we celebrated 25 years of the Tarun Tahiliani label. The next big leap for the brand was to take our craftsmanship and expertise and offer it to a larger Indian market that knows and values quality and is actively seeking it. It was clear that we needed a partner who could not just help us with this scale, but also have the same dedication to quality and the customer. And that could only have been the Aditya Birla Group.”

Sharing his excitement over the partnership that aims to ensure further growth, managing director at ABFRL, Ashish Dikshit said, “Tarun Tahiliani has been at the forefront of the emergence of the Indian design industry. This partnership is in line with our stated strategy to craft a portfolio of brands that address the entire gamut of ethnic wear segments: value, premium and luxury.”

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Lakme Fashion Week, FDCI to jointly organise a fashion week



March 03: Lakme Fashion Week was recently organised jointly by Lakme and RISE Worldwide and the Fashion Design Council of India. These 3 powerhouses of India will be presenting a joint schedule at this season of Lakme Fashion Week.

This event will witness a special unity logo. The event Phygital Fashion Week will take place on March 16-21, 2021. Lakme Fashion Week along with FDCI will jointly present the opening show on March 16 as Lakme Absolute Grand Finale will take place on March 21.

On the special occasion, Sunil Sethi, Chairman FDCI commented, “The Fashion Design Council of India for decades has tirelessly worked to make the design industry leaders from the front and leave a global footprint. The pandemic has darkened the clouds, this will add a silver lining to the business of fashion and help sharpen the needs of the fast-changing world. Lakmé, RISE Worldwide and FDCI will now have a shared purpose and belonging as we both reinvent the wheel in uncertain times. We are delighted to present this fashion week together.”

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Furthermore, Ashwath Swaminathan, Head of Innovations at Lakmé quoted, “Our association with the Indian fashion industry runs deep as Lakmé has been a key driver of its growth for the past 20 years. We look forward to this partnership opening up new avenues of growth for all stakeholders. We continue to remain true to the pillars of the Lakmé Fashion week which are discoverability, sustainability and talkability as we present the best in Indian fashion & beauty this season to a global audience.”

Jaspreet Chandok, Head – Lifestyle Businesses at RISE Worldwide said, “RISE Worldwide’s ultimate goal is the development of eco-systems that we operate in and we feel this partnership will help elevate the fashion industry to new heights. We are glad to partner with the FDCI and look forward to jointly present Lakmé Fashion Week this season, as we RISE as one.”

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Sabyasachi fashion trends: When Sabyasachi Mukherjee reignited old trends



Sabyasachi fashion trends, March 01: Sabyasachi Mukherjee, a well-known name in the fashion designing industry has received excellence in not only cloth making but in other beauty practices as well. There were many trends in earlier times, lost in the clouds and all thanks to Sabyasachi that these trends are back again in the mainstream trends.

Middle parted bun

There was a time when a middle-parted bun was quite famous among women to practice. Oiled hair and a middle-parted bun was something that women or girls are not completely unaware of.

One of Sabyasachi’s iconic designs has such a trend carried out by Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma. The fashion designer took this practice and tried it on several actors and models, thus, delivering a high-fashion hairstyle trend for women.

Kajal filled eyes with a nude lip shade

This practice was quite a thing in India’s cultural heritage but was lost somewhere when the generations went on introducing new fashion practices. But Sabyasachi seems to love the old Indian fashion styles. Kohl filled eyes along with a nude mouth styled with a small bindi is totally Sabyasachi types. This look was beautified by many models toped by Deepika Padukone.

Natural brown is more Sabyasachi thing now

Sabyasachi is not a big follower of the usual fashion techniques containing heavy pink blushers with rosy lipsticks and make-up that morphs girl into white-skinned ideals. Rather, the fashion designer uses the natural brown shade of the models to style his looks making them look even aesthetic.

His brown shade looks give more importance to the unique warmth of skin and the golden glow of the model’s skin which was the initial practice of an Indian bride in the old times.

Flowers for hair? Sabyasachi: Some more, please

Flowers were traditionally a regular practice for the brides on their D-day during the 90s and early 2000s, however, now this is rather quite underestimated style statement in current times. Sabyasachi re-introduced this trend with Rohit Bal.

From red roses to white lilies, Sabyasachi has brought this romantic hairstyle into practice again. This trend was also practised by Deepika and Anushka popularising this look during their own weddings.

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