December 15: conducted a survey that found that the Indian citizens are on the second number after Thailand considering booking a stay in order to work form a different location. With 68% count, India travellers, after 69% of Thailand citizens, now prefer a working trip balancing work and leisure due to ease of working from anywhere.

Taking samples from random adults who travelled for business or liesure pirpose in the past 12 months, and who might be planning for the same in next 12 months after the travel restrictions are lifted. This survey witnessed 20,934 respondants across 28 countries and territories. The respondants included about a thousand responses from India as well, polled in an online survey in July this year.

This survey revealed that 63% Indian travellers would prefer to extend their business trips to enjoy a leisure time at the location. The research also predicted that people in 2021 would be giving more preferance to longer trips that combine work and leisure. The spokesperson of the online travel agency said that amid the pandemic, working from home has freed many from travelling to and from the office. However, now people would also find it difficult to return to their normal monotounous routines.

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He further quoted, “With the possibility of remote working becoming a long-term reality, it’s looking promising for those who are able to travel and set up their office anywhere – from a desk overlooking a serene lake setting to swapping your mountain screensaver for a real-life Himalayan backdrop. Bye-bye 9 to 5: work from wherever you want seems to be the new normal.”

Talking about the research results, Ritu Mehrotra, country manager at of countries India, Sri Lanka and Maldives said, “Remote working is becoming a long term reality as health and safety is a top priority in the current environment. To break the monotony of working from home, travellers want to escape to a destination where they can easily blend leisure with business.”


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