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List of most popular & top 20 best weekend getaways around Bangalore


Planning an exotic holiday may be a luxury, and that is precisely why a brief weekend getaway is all that is needed to take off the hectic schedules that made up the past week. An ideal solo trip or a backpacking adventure with your closest companions, it is sure to lighten up our mood and refresh our senses after a stressing week at work or college in the IT city of India. For anyone looking out for a quick escape from the routine of life, here are 20 weekend getaways near Bangalore that are mere perfect and under our budget.

Nandi Hills

One of the best ways to spend your weekend would be to ride or drive to one of the most popular hills stations in Bangalore, with a few companions who would match your spontaneity. Nandi hills have a quiet and serene charm with its breathtaking view. Situated at a height of 1478 meters, the surrounding mountains feel refreshing. The early morning sun rise or the evening sunset with a cool breeze would serve as a visual and sensual delight. The place has various camping sites to cater to our adventurous desires. Popular activities that fill the hill station are trekking and paragliding. One can also restore a few moments of history by visiting the nearby tip sultan’s summer palace which will engage you in its art and cultural heritage.

Distance from Bangalore: 61 Km

Other Places: Tippu’s Drop, Brahmashram, Nandi Bhoganandishwara swamy Temple

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Covered in coffee plantations and magnificent hills, this scenic beauty of this mist covered destination is beyond expression through words. Coorg is often referred to as the Scotland of India and rightly so because of the variety of indulgence it offers to a tourist. The hill station has a wonderful mix of scenic beauty, luxury, adventure and cuisines that one would savour immensely. The culturally rich landscape is also famous for its hospitality and its infamous love for their martial arts form practiced even today by the local community. Coorg is also ideal for anyone looking for an adventurous outdoor setting as the place is well known for an experience amidst the challenging treks, a touch of culture showcased through Madikeri Fort, an adrenaline filled experience of white water rafting and the breathtaking views of Abbey falls.

Distance from Bangalore: 271 Km

Other Places: Virajpet, Kushalanagar

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Chikmagalur is an ideal location for anyone looking for a thrill seeking weekend. The destination is popularly known as the coffee land of Karnataka and the aroma of fresh coffee will fill our pleasant mornings. As interesting as the land looks, with lush green tress and an opulent backdrop of Mullayangiri ranges, the place also has an interesting history and culture. Chikmagalur is located at an elevation of 3400 Ft and is an ideal getaway especially for nature enthusiasts. The popular activities that would engage us here include trekking, river rafting and cycling. It is also known for its religious prominence which includes eye catching and ravishing temples such as Sharadamba temple, Vidyashankara Temple and Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple. The scenic beauty of the place is enhanced with famous waterfalls such as Jhari waterfalls, Hanuman Gundi and such.

Distance from Bangalore: 243 Km

Other places: Baba Budangiri, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Mullayyanagiri

Source: Chikmagalur Tourism


A memorable weekend in the wild is what you want your weekend to feel like, then there is no better place than Ramanagara. Popular for its camping, it is considered to be one of the best weekend getaways in the city of Bangalore. With an ideal location to pitch a tent to enjoy the clichéd yet perfect sleeping under the stars with your inner most few companions amidst a bonfire is just what we might need for a break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The rocks of Ramanagara where tourists flock in hundreds, owes its fame to the iconic scene by Gabbar in sholey, where it was infamously shot. The activities one can indulge in here include trekking, exploration of caves and rock climbing. Therefore it is one of budget weekend getaways loved by tourists.

Distance from Bangalore: 49 Km

Other places: Mekedatu, Chunchi Falls, Savandurga, Ramadevara Betta Hills

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A simple small town known for its coffee, tea and spices, Sakleshpur is a hill station gifted with both manmade and natural attractions. Situated in the heights of western ghats, the town is adorned with mesmerizing places such as the age old Manjarabad Fort which is in the form of a star, the scintillating 600 year old Sakleshwara temple that sits on the banks of river Hemavathi which is an art work of an architectural prowess and the Bisle view point serving the most eye catching views of the hills and the rainforests of the area. Some of the well known hills are Pushpagiri, Dodda betta and kumara parvatha. Some of the activities that one can look out for are Railway bridge trekking on a 52 km track taking us through 25 waterfalls. This scenic beauty is a must have on our weekend getaway checklist.

Distance from Bangalore: 223 Km

Other places: Sakleshpur Lake Park, Donigal Small Falls

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A perfect getaway for adventure junkies, Dandeli is famously called the adventure capital of south Inida. Its beauty lies in the fact that it’s a double whammy for anyone looking for some adventure and tranquillity. Situated at an altitude of 1551 Ft, amid the rocky trail of western ghats it is filled with jaw dropping scenery of green landscape and history rich places such as Ulavi temple and cabes of Kavla. The place also gives us a chance to embark on a short wildlife safari at Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. Some of the activities that comprise this region are trekking at the syntheri rocks, White water rafting at the Kali river, exciting boat rides and Kayaking. The place is also known for its camp sights and is a must explore for anyone looking for a fun packed weekend.

Distance from Bangalore: 460 Km

Other Places: Dandelappa Temple, Moulangi Eco Park

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Shivasamudra Waterfalls

Waterfalls still excites the old and young alike. The refreshing waterfalls of Shivasamudra is perfect to cool our mind and start afresh as the next week nears. Adorned with beautiful cascading tides of Gaganachukki waterfall and Bharachukki waterfall surrounded by astounding view of lush green trees, this place is calm and relaxing. For a bit of adventure a brief bath in the river amid the falling water would sooth your body. The waterfall plummets down a 98 m and is perfect for an enthralling experience. The activities that make up this place are Rappelling, Trekking and sightseeing and is also a perfect spot for a weekend Picnic.

Distance from Bangalore: 135 Km

Other Places: Talakad Temples

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Mysore, known for its cultural heritage and for its architectural beauty is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the south of India. A couple of distance away from Bangalore Mysore is a perfect getaway for anyone looking for some quiet exploration. The city is captivating with one of the most beautiful monuments in the form of Mysore Ambavilas Palace which is a major attraction for anyone visiting the place. Its imperial heritage and grandeur is sure to bring inspiration to many. The city is also known for its production of pure silk and therefore shopping of the infamous silk saree is a norm for tourists. Covered in natural beauty with thickets of tress and refreshing vibe all around, the best time to visit Mysore is during the commencement of its festival Dusshera which is the most important in the city.

Distance from Bangalore: 160 Km

Other Places: Mysore Zoo, Karanji Lake, Brindavan Gardens, Jaganmohan Palace

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Hoganekkal Falls

One of the oldest falls in the world, Hoganekkal waterfalls on Kaveri river is a must visit for its spellbinding beauty of its cascading tides. One of the budget getaways, the waterfall is adorned with rocks where the water plummets and gushes back creating an almost smoke like effect. This eye catching sight is sure to make you feel refreshing and thrilled. The myth behind the waterfall is as interesting as its beautiful smoky waters as it is said that taking a good bath in its waters would cure us of any kind of disease that we might have. Such medicinal properties render the waterfall a special image in the minds of tourists. Some of the activities that happen here are bathing among the roaring falls and boat rides.

Distance from Bangalore: 126 Km

Other places: Mettur Dam, Melagiri Hills

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Masinagudi is a serene and breathtaking hill station ideal even for a solo weekend getaway. It rests in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiri district and is adorned with thicket of green forest cover, magnificent waterfalls, sparkling rivers and stunning landscapes. This is a perfect place for nature lovers who want to explore the best side of nature. With a tropical climate it is situated above a height of 950 m and winter is the perfect time to visit this place. Masinagudi has popular attractions like Pykara waterfall and Mudumali national park. Some of the activities that are famous here are Masinagudi jeep safari, jungle stay, boating and fishing in the Moyar river. Camping is also one of the things tourists love to explore in this region. Exploring this region can be a relaxing break on the weekend.

Distance from Bangalore: 245 Km

Other Places: Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Maravakandy Dam

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A stunning example of nature at its best, Nagarhole is spread across Mysore and Kodagu. It is adorned with a large number of waterfalls and thickets of lush green forests. Kodagu is also renowned for its rich culture bestowed to you in the form of its architecturally rich temples. The region of Mysore on the other hand is known for being a hunting ground for rulers of Mysore in the ancient times. A rich and charming wildlife embraces this region, among its forests which is famous for exploration. Nagarhole national park is also referred to as Rajiv Gandhi National park and is an integral part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve. It is also recommended to visit Iruppu falls that adds to the visual treat. Apart from trekking and camping one of the major activity of this region is the elephant training camp where we get to bath with the beings, bird watching and wildlife safari. This getaway is incredible for nature lovers.

Distance from Bangalore: 220 Km

Other places: Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

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With wonderful wild animals and chirping birds that make up your day, Bandipur is a National reserve and a popular one at that. This eco friendly environment with lush greenery where elephant gazing and bird watching would bring forward one of the purest forms of charm and serenity. This is also a place to learn more about animals with the help of the regions animal care center which looks after the heath and breeding problems. The reserve is also famous for its natural waters flowing from Moyar, Nugu and Kabini rivers. Some of the interesting activities one can look out for in this region are Jeep safaris across the entirely of the forest, elephant safaris along the foothills of Nilgiris, apart from other activities such as trekking, camping and mountaineering.

Distance from Bangalore: 220 Km

Other Places: Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Mudumalai National Park

Source: Treks and Trails

Yellagiri Hills

Located in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, this breathtaking hill station is situated at an altitude of 1110 meters. Surrounded by the splendor of orchard and rose gardens besides a lush green valley, the hill station is nothing more than ravishing. The region is most famous for its adventure activities comprising of trekking and climbing on its beautiful hills and mountains. The highest point on this region is the Swamimalai hill situated at an altitude of 4388 Ft which provides the most amazing trekking experience. Apart from its activities Yelagiri is also known for its pristine Punganur lake which is man made and is a source of major attraction. The best time to visit the place is during its summer festival which is filled with interesting cultural programs.

Distance from Bangalore: 158 Km

Other Places: Punganoor Artificial Lake-cum-Park, YMCA Camp Centre, YASA Club (Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association)

Source: Tripoto

 Belur – Halebid

One of the yet another budget weekend getaways is Belur – Halebid. Filled with culture rich environment among the hilly landscapes, this magical region consists of two of the most prominent and ancient temples namely Belur and Halebidu. Located close to Chikmagalur, it is most popular for quick trips. The temples are situated at 16 km from each other; it has an interesting history that can catch your interest. One of the most prominent temples that tourists flock here for is the Chennakeshava Temple. The temple is also fascinating for the fact that it has an existence of 8 centuries and is carved with opulent art which make the vision more magnificent. The spiritually around the region is perfect for those looking for a calm weekend.

Distance from Bangalore: 220 Km

Other Places: Belur Chennakeshava Temple and Kappe Chennigaraya temple

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Located in Uttara Kannada, this destination is popularly referred by the millennials as a version of Goa. Adorned with mystic beaches, ancient temples and beautiful waterfalls, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Some of its beaches are named after the way they are shaped such as Om beach and Half moon beach. Surrounded by tall palm trees and the majestic tides of the beach, evenings spent here are serene and refreshing. The region is also known for its stunning sun rises and sun sets amidst the beach, resting on the rocks that take the gush of waves as it hits the shore. It is also popular for its temple which is a major attraction for devotees. Some of the activities one can endorse here are trekking, mountaineering, surfing scuba diving, snorkeling and cycling. The best time to visit the place is during monsoon.

Distance from Bangalore: 500 km

Other Places: Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Paradise Beach, Mirjan Fort

Source: Karnataka Tourism


Situated amidst the Cauvery river, in a small town of Mandya district, Bheemeshwari is often referred to as Angler’s paradise for the angling and fishing experience it offers to its tourists. An ideal destination for adventure seekers and food lovers who love to savor some authentic local delicacies that are a pure delight. The best time to plan this trip is post monsoon when the climate is perfect and the natural beauty is at its very best. Bheemeshwari also makes for a amazing camping experience and some of the prominent camp sites people come here to visit are Doddamakali and Galibore. One of the world famous bird sanctuary, Kokrebellur Pelicanry is also situated in this region. Some of the activities that make up this region are rafting, kayaking, trekking, camping, angling and wildlife safaris.

Distance from Bangalore: 105 Km

Other Places: Cauvery Fishing Camp, Galibore, Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary

Source: Thrillophobia


One of the well known culture and history rich destination, Hampi will engage you and grip you with its beauty and opulence. Considered to be Karnataka’s treasured gems, Hampi has one of the most famous and ancient temples that is a tribute to its art and culture. These sites are known for its architectural brilliance and wonderful stories of its history. Blessed with one of the most favorable weather, it has become a relevant destination for tourists. It has been considered a UNESCO world heritage devotees flock in hundreds across the globe to capture the beauty. Some of the activities famous in this region are exploring the temples and hiking. For foodies, there is a rich variety of cuisine to indulge in.

Distance from Bangalore: 341 Km

Other Places: Vijaya Vittala Temple, Achyutaraya Temple, Ruins of Vijayanagara

Source: Agoda


With enthralling view of high mountains, Kudremukh is a quaint hill station. Well known for having the Kudremukh peak which is considered to be the second highest peak in Karnataka. The peak of the hill is shaped in the form of a horse and is situated at a height of 1894 meters. Over the course of time this region has attracted many trekking enthusiasts, which is an activity popular in the region. The region also makes a mark through its religious traction, and for its stunning waterfalls. This natural beauty will allure you with its eye catching valleys surrounding the mountain peaks and its beautiful sun rises. Kudremukh national park is an attraction for wildlife enthusiasts that flock the region.

Distance from Bangalore: 331 Km

Other Places: Lakya Dam, Kadambi Falls

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Wayanad is highly praised by tourists for its breathtaking natural beauty and its soothing climate. A perfect destination even for solo trips, Wayanad fulfills both the desire for adventure and peace. The misty mountains and large plantations spread across the place is an eye catching sight. Famous for its collection of spices, Wayanad is rich with green orchards, coffee plantations and paddy fields. It is also popular for its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks apart from having Asia’s second largest earth dam, Banasura Sagar dam. Wayanad also has one of the highest peaks, Chembra peak. The region also has a reputation for having an ancient cave for exploration called Edakkal Caves. Some of the well known activities in the region are trekking, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling and camping.

Distance from Bangalore: 271 Km

Other places: Kuruvadweep, Thirunelli Temple, Ambukuthi mala

Source: Tripadvisor


The beauty of ooty lies in its abundant nature and its splendid climate. Gifted with ravishing greenery of vast tea plantations that spread the aroma of fresh tea, refreshing our senses, and mist covered hills that make up for a sheer visual treat, ooty is a destination much loved by the nature lovers. Many a times it has been referred to as “Indias Switzerland”. One of the major part of the destination is the Nilgiri bio reserve. It has also been regarded as a UNESCO world heritage site. Apart from thesethe botanical gardens of ooty are also famous for preserving some of the most beautiful variety of plants but also for its excellence in the way it’s created. Purely a site of scenic beauty, the best thing we can indulge in here is the serene environment and sightseeing.

Distance from Bangalore: 273 Km

Other Places: Rose Garden, Wax Museum, Ooty Lake, Avalanche Lake, and Chocolate Museum

Source: Agoda




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