What is more interesting than to see a world that is different from what we live in? Exploring water seems like an unusual and thrilling experience even as we try to say it. Deep sea diving is considered to be one of the most loved and life altering adventure sport. Though we might be of the impression that one needs to know swimming for the same, we are mistaken. Deep sea diving is conducted after a stipulated period of training and under safe and secure circumstances and can be performed by anyone fit to pass the training. It takes us to a different world and into the lives of species that live underwater. Our country with all its natural beauty has some of the most captivating places where this activity can be undertaken. Here are some of the top deep sea diving spots which are a real thrill to experience.

Havelock Island

Located in Andaman, the infamous Havelock Island with its beautiful clear blue waters is not only a vision in itself, but is also one of the largest islands in Andaman. With an equally captivating landscape that surrounds it consisting of lush greenery and a coral leaf that is adorned with aquatic flora and fauna, the Island has become one of the popular tourist destinations among visitors. One of the prominent activities it is known for is deep sea diving which has been highly recommended by the visitors. The visitors undergo a period of training before launching themselves deep into the exploration of the sea. The experience is undoubtedly one that should not be missed.

Best time to Visit: October to May

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Corruption rock

Located in Port Blair, near to the islands of Chidiya Tapu and Rutland Islands, this Island has been one of the most preferred and loved destination to undertake the activity of deep sea diving in the past years. The underwater scenery in this island is considered to be fascination and is said to provide a mind boggling experience. It is said that rare aquatic animals like snappers, unicorn fish, giant napoleons, dolphins, tuna and reef sharks live under the water. An experienced diver can go into the deep recess of the water and explore much more. Therefore this island with its unique experience is a must in one’s travel checklist.

Best time to Visit: December to March

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Snake Island

Located in Andaman, the snake Island has mesmerised swimmers and divers, a great deal. It is said that this island consists of the most unique varieties of aquatic animals and is a sheer thrill to nature enthusiasts. The island is also one of the most challenging places to deep sea dive in India. It is filled with beautiful coral reefs and rocks that make that enhance the experience. The collection of aquatic animals consists of goatfish, grunts, rays, triggerfish and many more. With professional divers who train the visitors, this Island is one of the best in terms of exploration of under water and should be a choice of every adventure seeker.

Best time to Visit: October to May

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Cinque Island

Located in Andaman, this picturesque island is breathtakingly beautiful. One of the most popular islands, tourists flock here just to enjoy the mesmerising beauty of the island. Another interesting reason why the island should be explored is because one has to undertake a three and half hour journey by a boat from Wandoor to reach the place. The pristine island is ideal for a deep sea diving experience due to the variety of marine life that is present here. The vast stretch of island covered in emerald coloured water is visible up to a depth of 80 ft. The beautiful and serene island is a must visit for adventure junkies.

Best time to Visit: December to May

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Grand Island

Located in one of the most exciting holiday destinations of Goa, Grand Island is popular among adventure seekers. With strong currents the sea, this is an island to look out for. Recommended for frequent divers, the place is ideal for deep sea diving with various treasures underwater. One such is Suzy’s wreck which has the remnants of the sunken British ship of 1930 that is covered in corals and is also currently a home to fishes. With marine creatures like needlefish, lobsters and white tip reef sharks it’s a heaven exploring the depths of the island. The island is isolated and can be reached only by a boat or ferry and brings a unique experience.

Best time to Visit: November to March

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Netrani Island

Located in Karnataka, Netrani Island is infamously called the Pigeon Island. The island is shaped in the form of a heart and is ideal for divers, and therefore is referred to as ‘The heart of India’s diving’. It is a vision and is also adorned with rich variety of marine life such as butterfly fish, eels, parrot fish, shrimps and corals. Occasional sight of whales are also observed by tourists who flock here to experience the deep sea diving. The real thrill of the dive is experienced due to the sharp cliffs which enhance the excitement of the divers. The island is a must explore for beginners as well as professionals.

Best time to Visit: December to January

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Considered to be one of the best beach destinations, the infamous Kovalam which is situated in Thiruvananthapuram in the state of Kerala has many adventure sports that would interest its visitors. One of them being, the peculiar experience of deep sea diving. The experience is regulated and provided by a group known as Bond safari who is equipped with an underwater scooter which lets us explore the experience in a unique way. The calm water is also adorned with variety of marine life such as eels, puffer fish, sergeants, pipe fish, shoals and such. The beautiful beach destination will have us enthralled entirely.

Best time to Visit: December to January

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Located in Lakshdweep, Bangaram is beautiful with its clear blue waters and patches of greenery that make up the island. The scintillating water is filled with coral reefs and welcomes us to a different world underwater. The Island is serene and tourists who are stunned by its beauty compare the place to beaches in Maldives. This excessively attractive island is ideal for deep sea diving which is an activity tourists flock here for. Adorned with a different underwater experience, the island becomes even livelier during the rainy season and should be visited around that time. The island brings best of both worlds for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Best time to Visit: October to March

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Kadmat Island

Yet another attraction on the Lakshadweep is the Kadmat Island, which is also known as the Cardamom islands. The Island is filled in coral reefs and the lagoon is adorned with rich marine life which consists of marine turtles and a unique variety of flora and fauna. One of the other reasons why the island has gained prominence is due to its surrounding landscape that consists of breathtaking greenery in coconut grooves which makes it picturesque. The deep sea diving experience in this island can be explored both during the day and the night and is much recommended by the tourists encompassing a number of overseas tourists.

Best time to Visit: November to March

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Coral sharks reef

Located in Pondicherry, One of the well known scuba diving paradise is also considered to be affordable for the tourists. The reef is ideal for both beginners and professionals with beautiful places underwater that one can explore. The place consists of natural coral reefs, rocks and ridges in its underwater world and also has a large variety of aquatic species like sea snake, jack fish and such. The occasional sightings of sharks and whales are also noticed by enthused tourists who take up the sport. This thrilling adventure must be undertaken in this place at least one our life and there should be in everybody’s bucket list.

Best time to Visit: October and March

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The Aravind wall

Yet another attraction located in Pondicherry is The Aravind wall which has over the years become one of the most famous deep sea diving sites in India and is also considered to be one of the best sites. The place also gives us a glance of the Indian continental plateau which creates an entirely different experience for the visitors. The place gained popularity with respect to the adventure activity of deep sea diving due to the occurrences of whale shark and Manta Ray which are rare. Other unique species that welcome us underwater is the fish schools, sea snakes, great fan corals and reefs in variety of colours.

Best time to Visit: December and March

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4 Corners

Yet another gem of Pondicherry equipped with an amazing deep sea diving experience is 4 corners. The place has a large influx of tourists especially from the overseas and is much loved by visitors. It is also said to be one of few best places to deep sea dive for open water divers. The place is characterised with beautiful sea species like dolphins, lion fishes, butterflies and torpedoes that is a vision in itself. The place is also surrounded by amazing landscape with lush greenery all around the area. With a depth of 18 meters it is an enjoyable experience to undertake the adventure here at this place.

Best time to Visit: October to March

Source: Indian scuba explorers


Located in Gujrat, it is considered to be one of the holy cities of India and is also said that Lord Krishna resided here. It is also said that the city was submerged by the sea six times, which makes it an exciting and anxious adventure when we come across the thought of deep sea diving in this area. But infamous for the same activity, Dwarka conducts rigorous trainings before one plunge into the water. It is also recommended that the adventure be undertaken mainly by professionals here. Some of the unique aquatic species found here are puffer fish, sea horse, dolphins and variety of corals and mangrove swamps. It is prominent for the sightings of whale shark which it takes much pride in.

Best time to Visit: October to March

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North Bay Island

Located in the city of Port Blair, North Bay Island provides the ideal opportunity to try this exciting adventure sport. It is beautiful with its surroundings and clear water that is filled with variety of coral reef that attracts large number of adventure seekers and nature lovers to this island. The island also offers courses in deep sea diving for beginners to equip them with the amazing experience of deep sea diving in its perfection. The divers, mostly beginners here are accompanied with trained divers who are always ensuring the safety and security of the divers. Therefore the underwater world of this place should be in each beginners bucket list.

Best time to Visit: November to March

Source: Times of India

Fish Rock

Located in Andaman, this Island with its breathtaking landscape consisting of boulders and rocks amid the coconut grooves and lush greenery around is a vision in itself. It is also gifted with an amazing collection of marine life that enhances the adventure experiences of the place. It characterises of colourful coral reefs, proffers like potato cod, fusiliers, turtles, batfish and suit lips. Other species of fishes such as squirrelfish, yellow tangs, triggerfish and tuna makes the underwater water lively and captivating. For the thrill of frequent divers, sharks have also been spotted in the island. The serenity and sheer beauty of the location will blow one’s mind and so will the experience.

Best time to Visit: October to May

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Mahatma Gandhi marine national park

Located in Wandoor, the Mahatma Gandhi marine national park is a beautiful collection of 15 islands and other water bodies. As the name suggests it is also a place where a variety of corals and sea turtles are preserved from extinction. It has a unique variety of marine life consisting of coral reefs which include pocillopora, montipora, acropora, fungia, porites, mangroves while containing rich marine species such as fishes, molluscs, starfish, sea water crocodile and much more. The place is a must visit for frequent divers who wants to experience a glorious world underwater and come across marine life that they haven’t come across frequently.

Best time to Visit: December to April

Source: Nomadline

Rutland Island

Located in Andaman, this vast island is captivating and is yet to be appropriately explored by tourists. The landscape consists of splendid mangrove forest and colourful coral reefs make this island especially appealing to its visitors. The place has evolved in the activity of deep sea diving and has had many visitors prominent for the sport in the recent times. It is also equally for beginners and professionals and its calm and serene water have enhanced the experience of the activity. The underwater world consists of interesting species like triggerfish, goatfish and sting rays. This unexplored gem is a must in one’s travel bucket list.

Best time to Visit: April to June

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Located in Lakshadweep, this island is one of the loved islands in the region. Enveloped in the most beautiful landscape characterised by palm trees, the blue lagoons and scintillating white waters, the island is a sheer beauty. It is also blessed with a marine life consisting of amazing flora and fauna, with a variety of fishes, corals and turtles. Over the years it has also been referred to as one of the best places for deep sea diving and there has been an immense influx of tourists due to the thrill its adventure produces. The calm and pristine ambiance of the island has also made it ideal in a travellers list.

Best time to Visit: October to May

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Devbagh Island

Located in one of the most heavenly destinations of Karwar, Devbagh Island has become popular for its adventures and beauty. The island has also been known as the Oyster Island. Over the years it has also been referred to as the diver’s paradise. Situated in the midst of the Western Ghats, it is surrounded with lush greenery creates a coastal ambiance. Out of the many adventure sport it entails, one of the most thrilling for visitors has been deep sea diving. With a considerable simple yet beautiful underwater world, the experience is no less exciting. It is especially ideal for beginners and is a must discover for anyone looking to enjoy an adventure in the water.

Best time to Visit: October and May

Source: Maavalan Tours

Maravanthe Beach

Located in Karnataka and sandwiched among the Saptamukhi River and Kodachadri hills on one side and Arabian Sea on the other, the beach is a vision. Surrounded by beautiful palm trees, its tranquillity sets it apart from the other locations. Adorned with golden sand and clear waters, the beach has been known over the years for its adventure sports. Most prominent has been deep sea diving. The thrilling adventure has been undertaken here mostly by professionals and has been considered one of the best places for adventure in South India. This attractive location with its splendid surroundings is a must check out.

Best time to Visit: September to March

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Located in Maharashtra, Tarkali is a heaven for divers. Situated at the meeting point of Arabian sea and Karli river, the surroundings of the place is bestowed with thick greenery and a pristine ambiance that will captivate the visitors. A variety of water activities are offered at this place, prominent among them is deep sea diving. The place is adorned with beautiful coral reefs and a rich quality of aquatic life that one can enjoy by diving into its recess. A certified training session is provided and the place is especially preferable to beginners and adventure enthusiasts who wants to try the activity for the first time.

Best time to visit the place: October to April

Source: Natgeo traveller

Neil Island

Located in Andaman, the Island though comparatively small is a beauty in itself. With its bluish-green waters surrounded by tall rocks and patches of lush greenery, the island has risen to prominence for its beginner’s version of ideal deep sea diving experience. The place also provides courses in diving by well versed divers before one takes the difficult plunge. The only way to reach this beauty is by a boat or a ferry. The landscape underwater consists of unique variety of aquatic species consisting of barracudas, sharks, groupers and occasional sighting of mantras. It is said that the island’s highlight is the family of dugongs that live in the region. The captivating island is a sheer thrill.

Best time to visit the place: September to March

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