December 21: The new strain of SARS-CoV-2 have been found in parts of Europe which have forced the UK government to impose a strict lockdown in London and South East England. The world is preparing Christmas celebrations, this virus has sent an alarm across the world. The British government stated that this new form of covid-19 is 70% more transmissible and out of control.

The traces of this virus have been found in the UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Austria. Earlier on Sunday, countries like Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands have announced the suspension of air activities with Britain due to exchange of the virus by the potential influx of travellers from Britain. Talking about the this, member of National Task Force for COVID-19, Giridhar R. Babu said that amid the absence of a detailed study determining the symptoms and severity of this new strain, it would be too early in imposing a travel ban in India.

Simultaneously, the majority of Indian health experts believe that air activities must be halted to prevent the entry of the newly mutated covid-19. World Health Organisation later on Saturday tweeted that they were in close contact with UK officials on the new coronavirus variant. They also said that once they learn more over the same, they will update the governments and citizens.

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Explaining the same, Babu quoted, “The new information on the antigenic drift in the UK and South Africa is a result of widespread community transmission, necessitating the virus trying to find a way by changing its genetic lineage to survive and human beings trying to duck it with vaccines. These changes are also probably specific to the geographical region.” Further, he also added, “The modifications in the genetic lineage and mutations and the associations with the clinical symptoms and severity are to be investigated in detail in India. In the absence of such evidence, it would be too early to impose travel bans.”



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