Since the start, Uttarakhand was one of the states that required a negative COVID test before entering the borders. But on 23rd September the state has lowered its wall and took a significant move by allowing tourist with any no prior COVID test. All travel restrictions relating to special permits, COVID negative certificates and e-permits for inter-state travellers were lifted by Uttarakhand. Plus, the compulsory 2- day booking restriction of tourist is also removed. All one has to do is just registered themselves with the Dehradun Smart City Limited website before their trip.

The major business for Uttarakhand is tourism, and to restore their economic status, by lowering their restriction in the tourism sector. As Himachal requires no previous COVID test. For the upcoming long weekend on 2nd October, all the commercial tourist places are booked out.

All inbound people of high COVID-19 infected cities shall only be home quarantine for 14 days. However, if the COVID test is completed no sooner than 96 hours before arrival, the quarantine shall be exempted.  Asymptomatic people, travelling less than 7 days for an exam, business or leisure are not required any COVID test. But if they feel any symptoms or discomfort are advised to approach the local officials.

We would request our readers to not travel if it is not very necessary and avoid social gathering. If one is travelling, follow the health guidelines laid out by the government.

Social distancing is very essential for the current situation for your own safety and others.

But for now, Mountains are calling you to visit them!



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