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List of most popular & beautiful spots to experience sunrise in India



Sunrises are iconic moments that evoke a blessed feeling in each one of us. It seldom a wonder as to how something so routine can bring about a calmness in the one watching it. Over the years the activity of watching sun rise has gained prominence and therefore has become something for which we would travel all the way to find the perfect setting to watch it. Indeed if I am asked, even though sunrise is beautiful from everywhere, the moment is made more breathtaking if its witnessed from the right place. And a part of what we do in life is to have an everlasting memory of the beautiful events that encircle our life. Here is therefore, some of the most iconic sun rise spots across India that are eye catching and ravishing.

Vivekananda rock, Kanyakumari

Watching the early morning sun rise at the confluence of three ocean bodies, the Arabian sea, the bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean, has a fairy tale touch to it making the moment seem all the more breathtaking. Kanyakumari in the state of Tamil Nadu also referred to as India’s Land’s land, is an extraordinary experience with its pristine beaches. As the prepares to rise, the shade of the water turns from red to golden, each time a part of the sun becomes visible high up in the sky. But to get a closer and exquisite view of the same, it is advisable to climb the lighthouse and take in the blowing wind along with the scenic magic.

Source: Flickr

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Tiger hills, Darjeeling

Tiger hill located in the Darjeeling district of west Bengal provides a treat in the form of one of the most beautiful views of a sun rise. As the reddish golden morning sun shows up high on the Himalayas, we can only hold our breath to soak in the magic of nature. The mountains also indulge in the color play of the mighty sun by turning pink at first and slowly turning golden giving us a once in a lifetime experience to witness the eccentricities of nature. The sight and the place is all the more exciting because of the presence of the highest of the mountain peaks, Mt Kanchenjunga and Mt Everest.

Source: Flickr

Taj Mahal, Agra

One of the most iconic romantic destinations of the world is made more splendid as we watch the beautiful sunrise. The infamous Taj Mahal is located in Agra and is a sight that is most pleasing to tourists around the world. The beauty and serenity of the moment is spellbound as the sun makes its presence felt gently. The monument changes its color, glittering in a golden hue parallel to casting its shadow around it. This is one of those moments that need to be experienced and felt in a lifetime. With less amount of crowd and a chill early in the morning, this one can hardly be missed.

Source: Activity fan

Vagator, Goa

Vagator located in the most popular holiday destination of Goa is a beauty that needs no definition. Consisting of red cliffs that adorn its shore along with seagulls flying close to its waves as we catch the sight of the morning sun, it is a picture perfect moment. Early birds can flock to the beach, atop the cliff to catch the most beautiful part of yet another day as the birds fly and gentle waves of the beach hit the bottom of the cliff, with the glistening sun on top of us can feel refreshing and breathtaking while we are at it.

Source: Flickr

Nandi Hills, Bangalore

One of the popular destinations in Bangalore is famous for its morning scenery. Nandi hill, at the break of dawn is a view that has to be felt and captures in the deep recess of the mind. The steep drive towards the hill is all the more exciting as we reach the cliff and catch the cold morning breeze. The vibe becomes all the more splendid when the rising sun changes the shades of the sky from orange, red and pink to golden before the sky clears out and sun starts shining bright in the sky.

Source: Medium

Brahmaputra river, Dibrugarh

Watching a sunrise amidst a serene river bank cannot be romanticized in a better way. The infamous river in the state of Assam is known for its beauty and splendor. The rising sun creates magic with a serious of yellow and purple. The golden glimmer of the sun in turn creates a crystal like glitter on the tides of the river creating a magnificent view which almost feel like the earth is shining on us. The sunrise can be watched from the park alongside the river which is full of tranquility.

Source: Flickr

Allappey beach, Kerala

Allappey is a coastal town in Kerala popular for the beach named after its place, Allappey beach. People not only flock there to enjoy the cool blue waters but for its iconic sunrises. Early in the morning, the beach exudes a calm vibe without the usual crowd. Along with the smooth waves that hit the shore, watching the sky turn orange and sparkling gold as the sun shows up in the horizon is a moment that would make us forget the world and cherish the wonderful life bestowed upon us.  To enhance the pleasure one could also walk to the edge of the bridge which marks a major landmark at the beach.

Source: Tripadvisor

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Located in one of the culturally rich areas of India, Rajasthan, Mount Abu is known for its mere perfect sun rise moments. Situated in the south west of Nakki Lake, it is one of the peaks of Aravalli range. Watching the sun rise up high above from atop the hill station is a breathtaking view to experience. As the sun goes up, bringing different colors over the water of the lake, the sight is pleasing to the eyes and to the soul. With trees surrounding the hill, it’s a treat to nature lovers.

Source: Flickr

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Nubra valley is a spectacle for nature lovers who wish to indulge in the sheer magic of nature. The valley is situated in the northeast of Ladakh and is surrounded by sand dunes of Himalayas and covered in green. As the sun rises it would seem like every color that adorn the universe is present at the valley. The rising sun creates a golden hue on the mountains which would look like glistening crystals. The extreme temperature experienced in this region will be long forgotten as our eyes catch the phenomenal sunrise and falling in love with it is not an option.

Source: Pinterest

Agumbe, Karnataka

Agumbe is a village in Karnataka that has the rainiest days. It is often compared to Cherrapunji due to its constant rains and cool climate. In the early hours of morning, the place looks fresh and serene as with clear skies and a chilling cold breeze hitting our body. Due drops on the trees and a drenched mountain is made more exciting by the sight of the rising sun almost towering over the sky. This magical play is enhanced by the different palette of colors that adorn the beautiful surroundings. A rainbow soon after is like the cherry on the cake.

Source: Flickr

Mussoorie, Uttrakhand

The famous destination of Mussoorie known for its natural beauty is also known for its breathtaking sun rise and tourists flock in hundreds to witness and soak in the pristine nature at its best. Located in Uttrakhand, it is known as the queen of hills and is in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayan range. Char Bazaar is popular to capture this moment. As the sun rises the lofty mountains which are snow covered attains a different character. This infamous sunrise at the hill station is a sight that will capture our hearts for a lifetime.

Source: Flickr

Puri, Orissa

Puri, Orissa known for its spectacular beaches offers one of the most phenomenal views of sunrise. The beautiful stretches of bay of Bengal looking magnificent as we stare at the horizon, gently bringing the rising sun to the sky. The golden sun lights up the entire beach causing the water to shine giving it a charm that will leave us spellbound. A cup of morning chai along with the roaring waves at a quiet spot is all that is required for the sun rise to blow one’s mind.

Source: Pinterest

Pushkar, Rajasthan

A popular holiday destination in the culture rich state of Rajasthan, Pushkar is ideal for a splendid experience of sunrise. The mighty Aravalli range high up, slowly bringing the first rays of the morning sun out for us, spreading the reddish golden throughout the place is a sight worth watching. To enhance the wonder of the sight, the glimmering crystals of Pushkar Lake contribute to the beauty.  The cool morning and the calm of the place will give us an experience of one of the most memorable sun rise.

Source: Savaari

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Jodhpur is known for its tradition and culture which is depicted to through its beautiful and colorful forts. One such fort is situated in the capital city of Marwar is the Mehrangarh fort. This captivating fort is also known for its breathtaking views of the sun rise which has always been an attraction to the photographers. The blue city looks spellbound as the sun rises with shades of orange, pink and golden, the sight of which almost seems like the most beautiful colors are all up in the sky engulfing us from above. This is a marvel that should not be missed.

Source: Flickr

Kovalam Beach, Thiruvananthapuram

If we are to arrive a few minutes before 5:15 AM and catch the best place there is at Kovalam beach, we can witness the infamous sunrise that tourist flock in hundreds to see. Located in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, with its beautiful beach, a wonderful cliff and a lush green valley surrounding it, Kovalam is the best place to view a sunrise. The sky illuminates creating a reddish golden hue and the roaring waves along with the lighthouse contribute to making that feeling more special and splendid. This picturesque moment is too huge to be captured in words.

Source: Flickr

Wilson Point, Mahabaleshwar

The original name of the place is Sindola hill. Wilson point situated in the city of Maharashtra is a vast plateau consisting of three watching towers. Covered by hills and beautiful green vista, Wilson point offers a mesmerizing view. It is situated at an altitude of 1439 m from where the view of the sun rise can seem nothing less than magical. Its breathtaking view has rendered it a name of sunrise point. In the wee hours of morning, as the sun prepares to rise, stating atop its tower can seem like we are closer to the sky witnessing its most beautiful creation.

Source: Mahabaleshwartourism

Majuli, Assam

Majuli Island in Assam once held the Guinness book of world record for being the worlds biggest river island. Though it’s often isolated in the recent times, this prolific place is serene and beautiful with the Brahmaputra river flowing through its land. Majuli is at natures best in the wee hours of morning. Surrounded by thicket of trees and the vast area of water, far away in its horizon the sun rises and shines in a dull yellow shade. The tranquility of the place only advances the vision of the breathtaking sunrise.

Source: Aspiritbedouin

India Gate, New Delhi

Captured infamously by various film makes, the snapshots of sun rising over the India Gate is familiar to every Indian, but experiencing the same at the capital city would not only fill us with warmth but a sense of pride at the monument and the natural beauty that India represents. Covered in mist and the golden hue of the sun, the dull sky is filled with the first rays of sun hitting out face as it almost looks like it is rising from atop the gate. This magnificent view is a must have moment on our gallery.

Source: Pinterest

Ponmudi, Kerala

One of the most iconic hill stations in Kerala, Ponmudi is located 55.3 Km north east of the city of Thiruvanantapuram With an altitude of 1100 m, Ponmudi offers mesmerizing view of the nature. The beautiful misty hills that adorn the place and the thicket of trees that surround them is made more beautiful as we watch the breathtaking views of sunrise, gently making its way up the mountains and filling the place with a reddish golden glow. With a chill temperature, this place is a scenic splendor and a treat for true nature lovers.

Source: Flickr

Rann of Kutch, Gujrat

The white sand dunes of Rann of Kutch rise up to a dull yellowish glow as the sun rises. Watching this spectre in the early hours of morning amidst the passing camels and calmness exhibited by the sheer simplicity of the destination is splendid. Known for its festivals and culture that goes back to several years, the vast area of nothingness can feel exhaustive until we witness the magic of the nature through the vision of a sunrise. The first glimpse of the red ball of fire can leave you breathless.

Source: Flickr

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The key features of the station paved the way for the city’s public transport spot to build the record. Various installations have been made in the station in order to conserve electricity like LED lights and other branded electrical appliances.

A tribal art gallery is introduced on Kevadiya railway station to attract more passengers. A viewing gallery is also made to enable the visitors to view the Statue of Unity from level three of the station. For water management, several facilities have been installed like rainwater harvesting, eco-waterless urinals, drip irrigation and sewage treatment plant.

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The Tourism and Marketing spokesperson of the IRCTC, Shubham Arya said that they will offer flexibility in booking the ticket dates and that will be according to the demand of the passenger only.

Adding that the train bookings can be done 2 to 3 days in advance, he said that the passengers can also book the tickets 2-3 days after the Golden Chariot tour is completed. He also informed that free airfare will be between Chandigarh-Bengaluru-Chandigarh.

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Further, he also added that the Indian railway has introduced 2 itineraries that are first, departing from Bengaluru and covering locations such as Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Goa and then returning to the starting point. Any citizen going fo the higher package of the 2 itineraries would be given free tickets of the train.

These luxury tour packages to South India will provide an opportunity for travellers to understand the cultures and royalty of the Indian region, South India.

The luxury Golden Chariot train will provide the best of the state-of-the-art amenities to the passengers on board. From smart TVs installations, to clean bathrooms, from fire alarm systems to CCTVs for security, the train is keeping all amenities on top priority to bestow the best travel experience of the passengers.

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Seychelles reopens for tourism, allow vaccinated tourists for now



22 January: The island nation Seychelles located in East Africa is all set to re-welcome the visitors into the country, however only for the vaccinated ones. Setting up the scenarios to reframe the travel in the country and avoid the arrival of more covid cases, both at the same time, the country has developed few travel restrictions.

The visitors in the country must be recognised as ‘vaccinated’ by taking both the doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Also, they must carry a negative report from the RT-PCR test, that too, not taken prior to the 72 hours of their journey period.

According to orders by the government, Seychelles will welcome the tourists with a two-step approach. In the first phase, it will allow the ones who have taken both the doses of the vaccine and have a negative covid report.

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As per reports, the second phase will begin from mid-March’ it is expected that the island nation will vaccine a significant part of its population by that time.

As stated by the country’s Tourism Promotion Board, going by the numbers, it is assumed that as much as 25% of the country’s population will be vaccinated by the mid-March which can allow the government to roll down the second phase. It is also expected that the country may then allow the unvaccinated tourist into the country with only a negative RT-PCR report done within 72 hours of their journey.

Another statement also noted that Seychelles has already allowed Indian travellers to the country, however, by private jet transfers only for now.

As of now, according to the health and travel advisory issued by the government, all the citizens arriving in Seychelles are bound to follow the safety norms including social distancing and wearing face masks.

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