January: Taking a strong stand against covid infection in the country, according to reports, Singapore officials have decided to lift restrictions for vaccinated travellers. The top officials claimed that Singapore is planning to lift all restrictions before May 2021 that is the time when yearly World Economic Forum will begin in Asia.

This development came after Singapore became the first Asian nations to have to start with its national vaccination programme recently. The news suggests that all the vaccinated or other tourists are asked strictly to follow the prevailing covid-19 stay-at-home rules till the time government relaxes them.

Co-head of the virus taskforce in Singapore, Lawrence Wong announced that the country is considering relaxing travel restrictions for travellers who are already vaccinated. The decision was made in the light of the fact that the vaccines are showing significant control in Covid-19 spread. The co-head bestowed the information in a televisioned statement which was posted on the social media platform.

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As of now, the passengers coming from low-risk areas are being quarantined for 7 days and undergoing covid test before reaching Singapore and prior to the end of their quarantine period. However, other travellers must be quarantined under the authorised government facilities and have to submit the covid test reports. During the quarantine, the citizens are also asked to wear the electronic monitoring device.

Singapore is proving out to be sincere enough to control the arrival of covid infections via travelling. The country with the help of restricted foreign travel, strict public compleance, quarantining rule, is able to maintain the daily covid count being nearly zero.


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