Mumbai Kanyakumari, 25 January: Three friends from Maharashtra set an example for all how one can make the most of their work from home schedule as they decided to use their attention by staying logged in for work and use their feet for paddling the bicycles. The trio pedalled their way from Mumbai to Kanyakumari as they rode on their respective cycles and managed to cover a distance of 1,687 km. This is not it, while they travelled their way during the trip, they did not miss even a single day of their office.

The trio is identified as Allwyn Joseph, Bakcen George, and Ratish Bhalerao. The biggest question arising here is how did they manage to strike a balance between their travel and professional life? Well, their journey would simply the meaning of time-management strategy.

The trio proved how actual travel lovers are like by setting an example that if they can, even you can. This month-long trip came with several challenges and struggles but as said ‘where there is a will, there’s a way’, the trio mentioned that ‘it was worth it’. The three friends went through some of the beautiful locations like Belgaum, Satara, Hubali, Pune, Kolhapur, Bengaluru, Salem and Davanagere, among others.

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With achievement and ability to complete 80 km every day, the three aimed at covering more distance on the weekends. They used to begin cycling at around 4 in the morning, reach their destinations by 11 in the morning only to start their office work. They used to stop at the available points like restaurants, lodges, or highway dhabas to log in to their systems and begin the work. This is how they managed to effectuate the journey and become an inspiration to everyone around.

Joseph, George and Bhalerao, all three of them are avid explorers and have been connected to each other for more than 20 years now. Likewise most people nowadays, the trio mentioned that they felt struck amid their mundane work from the home schedule and this encouraged them to do things to make themselves happier instead of frustrated amid the stressful times.




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