Lufthansa said Tuesday that it should drop every single “booked flight” from India to Germany and vice versa from 30 September to October 20 because of an “unexpected rejection” of its flight schedule by the Indian authorities.

The German carrier said it had asked for the continuation of the special flights as they were permitted to fly until the end of September however will currently need to drop the flights on account of the “unexpected rejection”.

Scheduled international passenger flights have been suspended in India since March due to the COVID lockdown. In any case, special flights have been allowed under “air bubble” arrangements India has framed with 13 nations, including Germany.

Air India, as well, has thus dropped its trips to Frankfurt from Delhi because of the withdrawal of permission by the German securities. 10 trips on the Delhi-Frankfurt area and two among Delhi and Bangalore won’t work presently till fourteenth October.

Lufthansa said in a statement that its application process to work trips past September 30 was important since India has so far not acknowledged Germany’s encouragement to examine insights about a transitory travel arrangement between the two nations.

It said it had booked flights for October to keep associating Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore with Europe and different areas. The October timetable would likewise have seen the expansion of trips to and from Chennai, one of the most significant urban areas in southern India.

Lufthansa said it “sincerely urges” Indian specialists to cooperate with the German government to set up a transitory travel understanding between the two nations.

As visa issuance is restarting and interest for trips to and from India is expanding, it is unfortunate that Lufthansa is at present being unnecessarily confined.

As per the site of the German Embassy in India, there is a section restriction on travelers from “high-risk zones” like India.

However, as per the site, German nationals, residents of the European Union, outsiders with a valid residence permit, people having long haul (Category D) visa for work and study purposes, and who have to necessarily travel out to Germany can enter the nation from India.



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