April 20: Citizens intending to go to Haj this year needs to get vaccinated, as per the latest development. The Haj Committee of India has announced in their recent news reports stating that no one shall be allowed to go for the annual Haj pilgrimage unless they have taken the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Referring to the latest development, CEO of HCI Majbool Ahmed Khan has announced this followed by the directives delivered from the Indian consulate-general in Jeddah and Saudi Arabian Health Ministry. Last year as well, Saudi Arabia had cancelled the entry of outsiders to perform the Haj.

Further, Khan also revealed more about the most vital pilgrimage of Muslims, he said, “In case Indian pilgrims perform Haj-2021, outgoing flights will start from mid-June.”

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He has also advised citizens, who have already applied for the Haj 2021, to take the first Covid vaccine dosage on their own, so that they can be administered with the second dose before the Haj departure.

As of now, he added that there’s no official communication over the Haj pilgrimage status from the Saudi Arabian authorities as the entire process will depend on their approval. This year, Haj is to be observed on July 17.

Previous year as well, the Haj pilgrimage remained shut for those coming from India due to the surging peak of Covid-19 at that time in late July. However, this year too, covid is at its peak with the second wave taking a much deadlier form.




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