March 04: Israel has introduced a tracking device for the Israelis coming home from other countries and who wish to escape the quarantine period. This device is a bracelet that will notify the authorities if the person violates the rule of their isolation period.

The new tracking system will citizens from going to unwanted quarantines and will help keep the authorities informed about the person’s whereabouts. If anyone chooses to wear this bracelet, then they are free to self-isolate themselves at their home as the system includes a waterproof electronic bracelet, a smartphone and a wall-mounted tracker. If the person removed the bracelet or tries to travel away from their home monitor, the system will alert the authorities right away.

Beginning earlier on Monday at the Ben Gurion Airport of Israel, 100 tracking systems were installed. The government took this step after reporting a drastic drop in passenger traffic amid the Covid-19 restrictions in the country. Many people so far have opted for this facility rather than staying in the hotel quarantines.

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Under these, the incoming travellers were forced to undergo quarantine at the hotels for up to 2 weeks. Even the quarantine period was facilitated and paid for by the government, citizens did not like the idea of being forced to stay restricted at the hotels.

The firm behind the technology, SuperCom said, “There is potential for the pilot to quickly expand into a project consisting of thousands of units for more wide-scale use to assist in quarantine compliance in Israel.”

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