April 23: Canada has recently announced the suspension of all passenger flights from India and Pakistan till the upcoming 30 days citing the surge in the Covid-19 cases in both countries.

The Canadian Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra made the announcement over the development earlier on Thursday saying that the decision was taken after maximum cases were detected in citizens arriving from these countries.

However not being implied on the cargo flights, the restriction will be effective at 11:30 PM Eastern Time Thursday (0330 GMT Friday). Patty Hajdu serving as the Canadian Health Minister quoted that overall only 1.8 per cent of the travellers to Canada have been found positive of the coronavirus.

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Furthermore, he also mentioned that the taken step is a ‘temporary measure’ and also said that they are assessing the evolving situation. The minister further clarified that the restrictions would not apply to the cargo flights in order to ensure the uninterrupted shipment of the vaccines and the PPT kits as well.

Currently, India is battling with the double mutant variant of Covid-19 which is considered to be extremely dangerous for the citizens. The rapid surge in the cases has triggered a worrisome situation in the country as on Thursday over 3 lakh new cases were found out on a single day.

Alghabra said in a news conference, “Given the higher number of cases of Covid-19 detected in air passengers arriving in Canada from India and Pakistan… I am suspending all commercial and private passenger flights arriving in Canada from Indian and Pakistan for 30 days.”




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