The community of best conscious luxury hotels and travel experiences in India- RARE INDIA is coming up with a unique initiative to keep the public and the stakeholders engaged and the tourism industry going during the trying time of COVID-19.

RARE INDIA would have been seen hosting its third edition of the annual travel trade event that “The RARE Showcase” in New Delhi if the conditions would have been the same as last year. The organization has, however, planned to create “RAREfied to celebrate the joy of traveling as well as the industry that it sustains. This move comes amidst the growing tensions in the tourism industry due to the nation-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The event aims to empower the talented people in the industry, celebrate travel stories of nostalgia and transformation. RAREfied will be a two-day event, from 17th April to 18th April 2020 and will mark the occasion of  World Heritage Day which is celebrated on the 18th April every year.

Courtesy- BW Hotelier

As per RARE India’s Founder Shoba Mohan“Travel may have come to a standstill but can we give up on the images that our minds conjure at the mention of a name or a place? Hence, we are presenting ‘RAREfied’ as a virtual showcase to celebrate ‘travel nostalgia’ perfect to allow people’s minds to fly, drive or ride just about anywhere they choose.”

The event will be available to the public through Instagram live sessions, where supreme leaders from the industry and partners of RARE will share their opinions on topics like ‘Sustainable Commerce in Travel’, ‘Being 100% Sustainable’, ‘Heritage Foods for health’ and ‘A living heritage’ among others.

The Zoom Sessions are directed towards motivating the large workforce of tourism to help them redefine themselves in their job profiles so that they are motivated to upskill, realize their talents and be relevant for the jobs which will now demand an evolved skill set. The topics that will be covered in the Zoom Sessions include ‘Conscious Luxury Travel’, ‘Etcha personal brand story’, ‘Low Impact Living’ and ‘A Living Heritage’.



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