Indian national carrier Air India earlier on Wednesday has announced flights to and from Australia for December month as a part of Central government’s Vande Bharat Mission aiming to sent back and receive interested citizens. Air India’s posted schedule suggested that over 9 flights will be available from India to Australia and the same number flights for Australia to India as well. All of these flights will be operated between the International airports of Sydney and New Delhi.

This air bubble arrangement was signed between the two countries to facilitate the travel of Indian nationals as the suspension of international flights will continue till November. As many as 2.87 million people’s travels were facilitated ever since Vande Bharat Mission was launched back on May 6.

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Here is Air India flight schedule from Delhi to Sydney:

Date Departure Dep. Time Arrival Arr. Time Arr. Date
02-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 03-Dec-20
05-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 06-Dec-20
09-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 10-Dec-20
12-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 13-Dec-20
16-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 17-Dec-20
19-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 20-Dec-20
23-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 24-Dec-20
26-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 27-Dec-20
30-Dec-20 Delhi 13:55 Sydney 8:20 31-Dec-20


Here is Air India flight schedule from Sydney to Delhi:

Date Departure Dep. Time Arrival Arr. Time Arr. Date
04-Dec-20 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 04-Dec-20
07-Dec-20 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 07-Dec-20
11-Dec-20 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 11-Dec-20
14-Dec-20 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 14-Dec-20
18-Dec-20 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 18-Dec-20
21-Dec-20 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 21-Dec-20
25-Dec-20 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 25-Dec-20
28-Dec-20 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 28-Dec-20
01-Jan-21 Sydney 10:15 Delhi 18:05 01-Jan-21

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