India to Singapore, January 31: Passing three countries while en route, a Gurugram-based company has announced the commencement of a bus service between India and Singapore. The company named Adventure Overland is inviting people to book a ticket for the service which is slated to start from Imphal, Manipur from the 14th of November.

Further, Adventure Overland company informed that the bookings would be accepted on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis. It also told that there will be 20 seats for each leg of the journey that means India to Singapore and Singapore to India. In order to complete each leg of the journey, the bus will take 20 days covering a distance of 4,500 km. The bus will be undergoing the same route to head back to the homeland. The information about the tour can be viewed here.

Crossing its ways through the beautiful locations of Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia, the bus will enter Singapore. Some of the noted cities during this trip are Kale and Yangon in Myanmar, Bangkok and Krabi in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur.

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This was not the first time when Adventure Overland got involved in such a one of its kind services. Previously, it also commenced a bus journey from the Indian capital Delhi to England and the United Kingdom’s capital London. Ths journey bestowed the honour of being the world’s longest road trip.



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