March 12: Almost one-third of total world travel destinations are currently shut for international travel, this information was given by the UN World Tourism Organisation. The reason for the same is mostly the latest Covid strains that are giving new concerns to countries who are forced to continue with the strict Covid-19 protocols.

Broadly, things are supposedly coming back to normal but the truth is actually quite far from the prevailing situation. Several countries and their governments are easing the restrictions while new reports state that one out of the three travel destinations is currently shut for travel. Most of these countries are shut since April 2020.

Most of the tourist destinations that are currently closed are in Asia, the Pacific and Europe. The report also mentioned the countries that are lifting the travel-related restrictions given the worsening situation already. The countries are Albania, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Tanzania and North Macedonia.

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In a shocking situation, the reports suggest that as much as 34 per cent of the total worldwide destinations are partially closed for tourists.

Zurab Polilikashvili said in a statement, “Travel restrictions have been widely used to restrict the spread of the virus. Now, as we work to restart tourism, we must recognise that restrictions are just one part of the solution. Their use must be based on the latest data and analysis and consistently reviewed so as to allow for the safe and responsible restart of a sector upon which many millions of businesses and jobs depend.”


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