Ghaziabad, December 24: T&T Group which is India first-ever digital housing project, T Homes is now, with Eutopia, going to introduce the first Urban Therapeutic Housing project in the country. The idea is centred towards the total well-being of their citizens. The project is also aiming to settle the growing health concerns among most urban-dwellers.

Eutopia’s Therapeutic Living will be an Ayurvedic Panchakarma which is a combination of five therapies, Mud therapy, Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy. At the same time, this is not the only highlight of the project. T&T group has also planned to work towards other aspects of living as well those would help facilitate human health, be it physical or mental, directly or indirectly. To ensure this, the project will offer Artificial Intelligence enabled apartments for hassle-free living.

Another important aspect, “The project was conceptualized keeping in mind thestresses and weary lifestyle that a vast majority of people have in major urban centres like Delhi and Ghaziabad owing to the inevitable physical or mental exertion brought about by certain occupations.”

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This digital project is one of its own kind of experience where you can do anything with the help of digital housing where home equipment can be accessed remotely either by a smartphone or computer.  According to the Indian Express, this is “A huge step towards the future, these homes have been taking the world by storm — providing people with different features at their fingertips with an unparalleled control and convenience.”



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