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Prosperity Textile and Thai Acrylic Fiber join hands to launch anti-microbial denim

Prosperity Textile is known worldwide for its innovative denim fabrics in China. Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF) is a subsidiary under Aditya Birla group

Hygiene in every aspect of life is the need of the hour. The prevailing situation of coronavirus has changed the way people look at fashion, especially clothing. Priority has shifted from fashion to safety. Therefore, catering to this need of the consumers Aditya Birla Group and Prosperity Textile have launched new denim.

Named as “Freshever Denim”, it is designed with the utmost care and is a blend of science and craft. What makes it special, is the care and effort put into every inch of it. Texhong, Prosperity’s spinner partner prepared the yarn of the denim using Amicor, the vital element.  Amicor is the patented anti-microbial fiber blended in the yarn and is the main element in the fabric. It is an Oeko-Tex class 1 and Reach certified product as well as has a ‘Seal of Approval’ from the British Allergy Foundation.

Amicor is one of the top specialty fiber in our value-added products portfolio with proven anti-microbial performance. Amicor is being used in medical and baby products, but now we are happy that Prosperity Textile brings it to the fashion world. As denim is very popular in street fashion and the way it’s being used, we hope that Amicor can enhance a denim’s lovers’ lifestyle,” explains Satyaki Ghosh, CEO of TAF and domestic textile, Aditya Birla said.

Freshever Denim ensures hygiene to its customers like never before. The fabric prevents the growth of 99.95% of microbes and keeps the denim fresh and durable. Amicor imparts anti-microbial performance to the fabric. Furthermore, the denim has anti-odor properties and its performance can last up to 100 washes, making it totally worth the purchase.

“We always focus on creating denim that speaks. The combination of art and science makes us a unique denim maker. We pay special attention to materials and we found Amicor to be best suited to our needs for performance denim. In these times, when everyone is concerned about maintaining hygiene and being safe from microbes, our Freshever Denim will be an ideal addition to the everyday clothing of the consumers,” Andy Zhong, marketing director of Prosperity Textile said.

Denim is a classic, it has always been a go-to for people around the globe. While the trend of denim is everlasting, technology and changing customer preferences is what will encourage denim manufacturers to innovate.


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