3 February: A delightful unboxing joy of her online order turned into sad tones when Leong received a shower curtain instead of a new dress she had ordered to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In a surprising, Leong told AsiaOne that she received window curtains instead of a new dress that she ordered from online shopping platform Shoppee. As quoted by Asia’s leading news portal, the problem might have occurred at the distribution centre and not in the online shop because it only sells clothes.

The lady had reached out to her seller several times in order to get an answer over the delivery blunder, yet all her attempts went in vain. Requesting a full refund was another option that she opted for but she rather received a counter offer from the seller that offered her a S$1 as a compensation for the wrong delivery.

Leong told AsiaOne that the seller attempted selling her the curtains she didn’t want for an amount of $9.77. Afterwards, she contacted a representative from the online shopping site, Shoppee and it was after that only that she got help to get her full refund.

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Online shopping has become more of a thing in current times as triggered in a previous year amid the pandemic crisis. People are relying more on online ways of shopping in order to satiate their needs and wants. But not all online shopping phases end up in a good way; like this one.




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