On Wednesday, Swedish clothing retailer H&M unveiled its global loyalty scheme, H&M Member, in India, anticipating it to play a significant role in the growth of the group in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, given the change in consumer behaviour. After the launching of the first store in the Capital in 2015. The company has unveiled a campaign to coincide with the completion of five years in India.

H&M Member, with Member and ‘Member Plus’, is a two-tiered scheme. When a member accumulates 800 points, they are promoted to a ‘Member Plus’ status. The upgrade will have perks like free delivery, special activities and prizes. For those who sign up between October 8 and 18, H&M India is offering a one-time promo of 15% off their entire order.

“It will play an important role (H&M Member). We know that a huge transformation is taking place in retail, not only in India but worldwide, where people choose to buy more and more on the digital platform,” said Janne Einola, Country Manager of H&M India. “He also said,” H&M works hard to make it easy for any consumer to select their own platform where they feel more secure about buying.

The COVID-19 lockdown, with three months of the full shutdown of retail stores, impacted the company’s operations in India. In the company’s situation, for two and a half months, we were unable to operate our online shops, He said. Adding that the company is steadily improving and is optimistic about India’s long-term prospects.

A few days back, the company came with a plan to shut down 250 stores all around the world. It is still very unclear about the number of stores that will be shut down in India. Due to the pandemic, H&M and other retail stores have taken a big hit. H&M presently runs 48 stores in 24 cities in India.



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