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Decathlon resumes operations after lockdown with safety and hygiene measures

Sports brand- Decathlon has introduced new shopping options for its customers in the wake of the pandemic. It is keen on providing the best to its customers, ensuring safety and hygiene in every aspect of the business.

After the relaxation provided to the businesses in the third phase of the lockdown, Decathlon plans on opening its stores in the permitted areas. Currently, the brand opened 22 stores across various cities in the country. Owing to the sensitivity of the current situation, Decathlon has introduced a range of safe shopping options to ensure prevention from COVID-19.

Apart from adhering to the previously declared guidelines by the government, the brand has gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of its patrons. Decathlon offers an option to its customers to shop either from the store or from the Decathlon app. The brand is based on the idea of inculcating sports in people’s lifestyle to stay fit and healthy, thus, it continues to abide by its moto and do everything possible.

Decathlon, one of the world’s leading sports company has launched myriad shopping options and endorses the idea of zero contact. The newly introduced protocols include:


Reserve and Collect:

By selecting merchandise online and further paying for it, the customers have two options to collect their delivery:

  1. Drive-thru pick up- Decathlon has pioneered its way to introduce a special drive-thru pick in the parking areas of the store location. The customers, now have an option to collect their parcel outside the store, while sitting in their car. Upon arrival, the customers need to show their transaction ID to the authorized person and their merchandise will be directly placed in the vehicle for contactless delivery.
  2. Store Pickup- Just like the traditional methods of collecting merchandise, the customer can collect their purchased items from the store after showing the transaction ID from a designated area in the store.

Scan and Pay:

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To guarantee a safe environment for the customers who visit the store, an option of scan and pay has been introduced. The customers can now choose from a wide range of merchandise and scan the code for making payments. This does not only promote hygiene but also saves the customer’s time from standing in long queues. Scan and Pay allows the customer to scan the bar-code using the Decathlon’s app and pay using their preferred payment gateway.

Other Safety Measures:

Furthermore, the brand is also strict on following the issued guidelines by the government and incorporate them into the store’s operating procedures. These include- maintaining a minimum of 2 meters distance, sanitizing all the touchpoints rigorously at different intervals, wearing protective gear, and thermal screening of every customer and employee before entering into the store. The brand has additionally, closed all the trial rooms and experiential sports in the store temporarily to prevent the spread of the virus. Moreover, the brand’s teammates receive special training on various health and safety protocols and are encouraged to stay in the store even in their breaks, not share food or any other personal belonging and practice contactless sports.

These new shopping experiences brought up by Decathlon will not just be safe but would also be interesting and exciting for the customers who are unacquainted with such concepts.


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