After weeks of ordering face masks, sanitizers, gloves, and other protective gear, e-commerce sites have started experiencing a demand for a new range of products which include personal care products, weighing machines, blood pressure monitors, etc.

National Capital Region has elongated the list of their essential items and has started ordering other items like coolers, board games, and in some cases even apparel, shifting from the regular groceries, gloves, and face masks.

A spokesperson of Snapdeal said, “The NCR alone accounted for 22% of the masks sold across India. Gurgaon had the largest market share of 30%, Noida and Greater Noida 22%, Delhi and Ghaziabad 18% each, and Faridabad 9%. The sale of masks has more than tripled in the last 30 days because of greater awareness, easy availability, and reduced prices.”

“The sale of hand sanitizers went up by 60% in the last one month with 500ml and multi-pack bottles of 50-60ml being the most preferred. Just like masks, Gurgaon was the biggest market accounting for 40% of sanitizer sales in the NCR. Orders for personal protection equipment like face shields, shoe covers, and goggles have also gone up,” the spokesperson added.

As the delivery of non-essential items remain prohibited in Delhi, because of it being a red zone, the websites continue to focus on their delivery in Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. Officials say that they saw a surge in the demand for smartphones, laptops, headphones, books among others in this region.

An Amazon India spokesperson said, “Sellers on our platform has received orders for smart devices, electronics, kitchen appliances, clothes, toys and games and other work and study from home products from customers in orange and green zones.”

“As we support the economic revival of small and medium businesses, we urge the government to allow an expanded list of priority products in red zones. This will not only serve urgent needs and spruce up economic activity, but also ensure the safety of citizens in a high-risk area,” added the spokesperson.

Owing to the restrictions imposed on people from visiting salons for their monthly rituals, the growing demand for personal care products like trimmers, shavers, hair removal products, etc is also prominent. Furthermore, the increase in family time has also given rise to the growing need for board and family games.

Other items that customers are adding to their online carts include summer clothes and home appliances.



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