According to the top industry associations, the food and fashion retail into the clothing line, dining out and grocery retail might take as long as a year to revive from the blow by the virus. Due to the lock-down all over the country due to the outbreak of the Covid-19, people are required to shut themselves inside their own houses and people are buying once what is a necessity and a lot of industries are suffering altogether and the economy of the country and the global economy too is dramatically falling. The global economy as they say is grinding to a halt and we are all particularly aware of that but how long before we stabilize the situation again. How long will it take for all the industries and our economy to revive and reinstate their original groundings?

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The people affected by the coronavirus aren’t stagnant, the number is increasing by the minute and it is nothing but scary. There are around two million confirmed cases worldwide and more than a total of one hundred thousand lives have been lost to this virus. India has tried to minimize the effects of the virus by imposing a serious, stringent lockdown all over the country and yet the cases are only increasing and increasing. But so is the loss, increasing at a very high rate. As per the claims, the industries might take more than a year to reclaim their supposed position and this has taken us around twenty years back in our economy. Nobody is hoarding things like they did before, nobody is buying dresses to go out, no guilty shopping and no one is buying food for special occasions. This is going to bring down the industries and their production very low.

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It is evident that about twenty percent of the Indian population strived on the money they earned on a particular day and those people will be starving in this lock-down. So all the food that they used to buy, the twenty percent of the population bought would be wasted. Food industry will suffer a mention worthy loss here too. On moral grounds, this is going to cost us so many lives and so much humanity but on economic grounds, we are all going to suffer a great loss that we might have to work towards to bring back to normal. So many farmers are not able to find buyers for their crops and milk and so many other products. In a country where about a thousand farmers commit suicide every year, this doesn’t sound like any good news either. And what is inhumane is that we, who have food to eat, and a roof over our heads, are cribbing the most because we miss going out to eat and shop and walk around. This insensitivity from our side is going to cost us an entire nation or at least the nation’s working class.

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It is very very very important for each one of us to take precautions so that we can all go out very soon, and the people who are starving can in dignity earn their daily bread. And as far our economy and our major industries are concerned, they will revive only if we maintain a disciplined life right now.



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