By Garima Aggarwal

Sedentary lifestyle, February 27: To face the fact, working is vital as it ensures a standard living; paying the bills, buying groceries, clothes and all the necessary stuff. However, it is pretty hard for a person to realize how your 9 to 5 job schedule is contributing to affect the body physique adversely? So much so that they can give you enough lifetime and serious diseases like blood pressure, weaker bones, diabetes among other problems.

This fact, however, remains in place that ease is served as everything is turning digital, but the same is giving major ‘unexplored’ or ignored problems to humans leading towards a serious sedentary lifestyle. This can only be minimalised if people try and balance their sitting and exercising schedule altogether.

But the most common point made here is, where’s the time? To perform any physical activity, one has to take out time. Many experts have also said that following the right lifestyle, exercise schedule, and a healthy diet may be able to broadly contribute to ensuring a healthily body and activeness among humans.

Here are the ways how you can include more body movement into your daily routine without taking out a specific 2 hours exercise shift:

Early wake-up and physical activity

We know that you require proper time for that but only a half-hour session will do. Make your body realize that they are alive, active and fit. A sedentary lifestyle does not only make you unhealthy but it also makes one lazy and inactive. Therefore, a half hour session every day, preferable early in the morning, will do enough to make you happy, healthy and going. The early morning session can be of any form of activity that suits you, it can be simple stretching exercise, yoga or meditation, running, jogging etc. Early mornings are the best time to do it because you have a whole day ahead of you to bring your energy level down and make you stressed. The rising sun, little wind, and beautiful nature, all contribute to motivating you to exercise, stay fit and healthy.

Walk your way to the office

This is one of the most common to practice or follow. Walk your way up the office, not much but at least a distance of 1 km or 750 metres will also do. On a personal note, I had a full-time sitting job but I used to balance it by walking more. First, by walking my way from home to the metro station which was half a kilometre and then walking from the metro station to the office premises that was almost 780 metres.

And the same distance when I used to come back home. It makes you feel good when you walk more as it also gave me some me time to recall all the happenings of the day and listen to songs.

Usage of stairs instead of the lift

Especially when you are an adult, you must feel ashamed to be using lifts instead of stairs. Leave the lifts for the oldies and race your way up to your floor. Well, for a fact we can agree, stairs are tough for once but it can be nothing as compared to you sitting on that swivelling chair for 8 hours straight. We think you can understand the vitality of using those stairs. Having much time for regular exercise is not possible in some cases but then you can manage the physical activity routine with these tiny actions make you fitter and healthier, and also distancing you from all the diseases caused by a regular sedentary lifestyle.

Walk and talk rule

Receiving calls in-office is a must, they can be related to some work or home-related calls. One must try and attend the phone call while measuring the office length, we mean by walking. This is also a body movement only. Walk even if the conversation would be of 5 minutes also; it will be enough to ensure body movement to some extinct.

During work hours, our minds are all racing but since the body is in a rest mode, we might feel numbness in our body if this rest motion continues to be longer. While we exercise or perform physical activity, our bodies race and this is also crucial as other activities. In both scenarios, mind and body exercises are necessary as they would ensure overall wellness. Hence, walk as much as you can.

Try to stand while travelling on public transport

Most people nowadays travel in metros, if their cities have one or some use other public transports as available or convenient to them. Metros, local trains, buses etc and people fight to a seat to get settled down. However, isn’t your 8 hours long shift enough to make to sit like a statue in front of your systems? The suggestion here is to stand in public transport, if possible. Let your feet know that they are alive and of some use.

Physical inactivity can be cured but continuous physical inactivity with a strict sedentary lifestyle may cause lifelong diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression, anxiety etc. Don’t become an early patient of these diseases, walk more now to facilitate your body with the health and fitness they deserve at an old age. One irresponsible step can cause your lifelong regret.



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