Streets are void, transportation is at pause, Saturday parties have disappeared, cigarettes have left the troposphere with their smoke, hangovers are over, fast food have become too fast to even catch and Swiggy, Zomato have become rhyming words of Twiggy &Tomato. All we have now is, walls with family photographs, newspapers and media loaded with crispy news, store room filled with groceries and data pack acting as a saviour. The credit lies with Mr. Corona.

Some says he is born and brought up accidentally in a laboratory in China, according to some bats have left him in disguise. Whatever be the case, now Mr. Corona has his motels and hotels all around the world. People are scared of him as god knows what he might bring. Everyone is playing safe by staying safe at home. Everyone is just waiting for Mr. Corona to get back to his home and get disappeared somewhere accidently. Different solutions are being tried to get rid of him due to which there is a lockdown all around.

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In such a devastating situation, what to do? How to be busy? What if you were a vagabond and finding it hard stay at home? Quarantine is for our safety and bestowing the best out of it is in our hands. Even if you are a vagabond and hate to stay at home, don’t be sad. Here are a few tips:

  1. Remember those good old days and narrate them in your words. This way, you can get into the deep thoughts of those memories and others can have a short free of cost visit just by sitting home.
  2. Clean your old mess (if you have one). Mess can be of your room or in your relationships. Sort things out, you will feel light. You won’t get such a long time ever in your life.
  3. Spend time with family members. All the working moms and dads, although you have to work from home these days but at least you don’t have to be concerned about your kids all the time.

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  4. Chit chat with old acquaintances, share gossips with them, play with kids, watch movies, breath in fresh air and try new recipes.
  5. Live your hobby, this lockdown. Each of us have hobbies which we are unable to create because of rush, hustle bustle, jobs, etc. This lockdown give time to your hobbies like painting, drawing, reading novels, surfing on internet, etc.
  6. Skill up yourself. If there was some online course in your mind, or some internship just to it. Build your CV this quarantine by doing online quizzes, workshops, internships, trainings and courses.

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  7. Help others this quarantine. This quarantine help the needy, give food to animals, labours, beggars and all the people who used to have daily wages. This is the best time for charity.

Thus, Stay Safe – Stay Calm, things will get back to routine, have faith in God. Utilize your time to the best, nourish and cherish every moment of your life. Everything happens for a good reason.  



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