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India signs air bubble arrangement with Ethiopia for International travel


In order to operate special International flights between the countries, India and Ethiopia has established an air bubble arrangement, the Civil Aviation Ministry told earlier today. The Civil Ministry delivered the information via Twitter.

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To facilitate the travel of the citizens, India has so far formed such arrangements with 19 countries and the list includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Bhutan, Canada, France, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Maldives, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, the UK, Ukraine and the US.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the scheduled International flights had been suspended since March 25 with the imposed lockdown in the country. However, the evacuation of the nationals had been going on through Vande Bharat Mission since May and through air bubble arrangement formed between India and other countries since July.

The air bubble arrangement is formed between two countries, under which special International passenger flights can be operated by the country’ respective airlines into each other’s territories, however, under a formed set of restrictions and regulations.

Diwali 2020 : Flights bookings surge during festive weekend, seat occupancy rises to 70%


Amid the Covid-19 pandemic impact, India’s civil aviation sector has witnessed gradual better in-flight bookings as they handled the highest passenger volume of the season earlier on Friday. The reason for the same was the festive season as people headed to tourist destinations and hometowns to meet relatives and friends ahead of Diwali.

Hardeep Singh Puri, Civil Aviation minister, claimed in a tweet that on the 13th of November, over 2,25,000 passengers travelled on 1,903 flights from various airports, and the total number was over 4,47,000. The Business Standard reported that the highest footfall in Delhi and Mumbai airports was 81,570 and 46,442 passengers respectively, while seat occupancy rose from 60-65% to over 70%. The ease in the lockdown measures and festive season travel has led to a surge in the bookings, as suggested by the Market observers, even though the air traffic is still at only 50% of the pre-Covid levels.

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After a 2-month flight ban, since the government allowed the domestic flights to resume on May 25, the flight booking has been on a steady month-to-month rise. Even after several months, India has not resumed its regular international flights after its suspension since March 25. However, it has entered into bilateral ‘air bubble’ arrangements with a few countries like the US, the UK, Germany, France, the UAE, Canada, Japan.

Air India announces flights between India and Australia under Vande Bharat Mission’s 7th phase


Air India, the Indian carrier has recently announced more flights between India and Australia as a part of 7th phase of Vande Bharat Mission that underwent by the Indian Government beginning from earlier this year in May as the coronavirus gripped all over the nation severely. The details of the passenger capacity and booking for these mentioned flights will be available on the Air India official website and their Twitter handle. Here’s the schedule of flights those would operate from India to Australia.

The schedule is as per the Air India schedule:

18-Nov-20 AI 1302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20 (current phase)

21-Nov-20 AI 0302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

25-Nov-20 AI 1302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

28-Nov-20 AI 0302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

02-Dec-20 AI 1302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

05-Dec-20 AI 0302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

09-Dec-20 AI 1302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

12-Dec-20 AI 0302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

16-Dec-20 AI 1302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

19-Dec-20 AI 0302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

23-Dec-20 AI 1302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

26-Dec-20 AI 0302 DELHI 13:55 SYDNEY 08:20

As many as 35, 637 Australians, interested to return home, have got themselves registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), nearly 10,000 of this count still remains stuck in India.

After the extension on the ban of scheduled commercial flights till November 30, the Indian government has announced the repatriation flights for the nationals who want to return back to Australia. However, so far the Indian government has facilitated the travel of more than 2.87 million people since the Vande Bharat mission had kickstarted, that was, on May 6. Here is the schedule of flights that would be operating from Australia to India:

20-Nov-20 AI 0301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

23-Nov-20 AI 1301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

27-Nov-20 AI 0301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

30-Nov-20 AI 1301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

04-Dec-20 AI 0301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

07-Dec-20 AI 1301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

11-Dec-20 AI 0301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

14-Dec-20 AI 1301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

18-Dec-20 AI 0301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

21-Dec-20 AI 1301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

25-Dec-20 AI 0301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

28-Dec-20 AI 1301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

01-Jan-21 AI 0301 SYDNEY 10:15 DELHI 18:05

Here have a look at the tweet of Hardeep Singh Puri, the Civil Aviation minister of India:

“Pandemic has led to conscious designs, less production”, claims Manish Malhotra


Manish Malhotra, a renowned name in the fashion industry has a different belief when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic and its connection to the fashion industry. He believes that the pandemic has resulted in a course correction in the fashion industry as it has emphasized quality more than quantity and conscious designs.

Malhotra told PTI while an email interaction and quoted, “I know times are tough but am hopeful that the eventual outcome will be a good one. Quality will be given precedence over quantity. The pandemic and its learnings have and will continue to lead to conscious designs and lesser productions – both of which are the need of the hour.” Further, he also added, “With limited outings and sparse gatherings, the nature of demand has changed over the last seven months, so the focus on things that truly matter should be more. The future is all about being creative, curious and conscious”.

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The popular couturier predicted that the new season Indian fashion would witness some changes and will focus more on traditional craft and the design houses will find the latest ways to make it a part of their design narratives. The explanation the same, he wrote, “For example, in our recent collections we’ve used silks, brocades and embroideries which were a part of our archival office. Sustainability, technology and Indian crafts are going to take the centre stage in fashion now”.

With over three decades experience of Malhotra in the Bollywood industry and other cinemas, the pandemic has given birth to various challenges but however, the designer feels that since the conditions are a lot better now, it would be good for the designers and stylists to ‘make it happen’ but only will and passion.

Khadi India touches Rs. 1 crore single-day sales four times this year


The well-known Khadi India outlet was able to cross a single-day sales figure of Rs. 1 crore and that too for the fourth times since October 2 this year. The government made this revelation earlier on Monday. The total sales of this outlet stood at Rs. 1,11 crore on November 13 which was the highest single-day figure recorded this year.

The MSME ministry quoted, “In just 40 days since October 2 this year, Khadi’s single-day sales figure had crossed Rs. 1 crore mark for 4 times at the flagship Khadi India outlet at Connaught Place in New Delhi. The similar took place earlier in 2018 when the Rs. 1 crore mark was achieved on four occasions with the highest single-day sales mark of Rs. 1.25 crore on October 13.

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Fashion inspirations from Netflix feat Emily in Paris, Father of the Bride & A Suitable Boy


Due to the absence of red carpets, fashion weeks and big events, people are unable to get inspirations of their fashion. However, OTT platforms are now the only choice left to us for our entertainment but now for fashion inspiration too. Sounds weird and confusing? Let us make it clear for you. Most of the movies and web series are being released on these OTT platforms only like Netflix, Amazon Prime Disney Plus Hotstar among others. The stories of the web series could go unnoticed but the clothes attract quite a number of audiences to it. And surprisingly, you can also get fashion inspirations from some shows on OTT platform Netflix.

A Suitable Boy

A Suitable Boy which received a mixed review from the audience and the critics, topped in the context of clothing as it proved to be a visual delight to many. Arjun Bhasin, who is New York-based Oscar academy member was behind the spectacular work of costumes for this show which is a Mira Nair adaptation of the highly popular book. Tanya Maniktala, playing the lead role had 64 costume changes along with 3,000 costumes for extras and 1,100 handloom saris those were featured in the film. From cotton mul-muls to all-time favourite Banarasis, Bhasin had worked hard on each outfit being used in the film.

Emily In Paris

From formals, and casuals to totally no-makeup look, Emily In Paris is yet another collection of elegant and classy fashion wear. The most simplistic and the most stylish clothes are being worn by the Emily In Paris stars. Lily Collins, seen as a protagonist in the series has garnered a lot of fan following with her charm and clothing. The costume designer behind the spectacular work is Patricia Field who managed to pull it off quite well while portraying each character.

Father of the Bride Part 3- ish

Another most delightful shows is a 26-minute show, Father of the Bride Part 3- ish in which Diana Keaton aka Nina Banks has set the style bars quite high. From a white sweatshirt to a casual outfit, the show consists of beautiful outfits.

Air India issues latest guidelines for India-UAE travel


Indian carrier Air India while providing an advisory to all the travel agents, has released the latest set of directives citing to flight registration of passengers from the UAE to India along with the ticket validity of the tourists from India to the UAE.

An official from the Air India told Khaleej Times that all the passengers need to provide their details by filling up a form available on the Air Suvidha portal or the New Delhi airport post, wherever applicable. The pre-registration documents also include health declaration forms and other formalities of the state from where the passenger is travelling to prescribes. Further, the official added that this practice was introduced in order to avoid crowding at the check-in counters ahead of their departure or arrival in the country.

He also recommended that all the passengers must go by the requirements laid by the state they wish to travel to prepare well in advance of their travel. At the same time, the Indian nationals who are planning to travel to Dubai on travel basis or who want to obtain a visa are permitted to travel only if they have a valid return ticket and not any single/conjunction ticket.

Shailesh Chaturvedi replaces J Suresh as MD, CEO of Arvind Fashion Limited


Renowned name Arvind Fashion Limited (AFL) has appointed Shailesh Chaturvedi as their new Managing Director and CEO. His service will begin from 1 February 2021. He is all set to replace veteran J Suresh who is going to retire later this year. The current MD and CEO of Arvind Fashion, J Suresh will be working with Chaturvedi for a smooth transition.

Even after his stepping down from his current post, Suresh will continue with AFL and he would be advising the board on key strategic issues. Chaturvedi has an experience of 28 years and has been behind the success of launching and developing brands in Indian retail. The list of these brands include popular names like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Arrow, Louis Philippe, Allen Solly and Van Huesen.

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Shailesh Chaturvedi was previously serving as as the Managing Director and CEO at PVH-Arvind Brands which is a joint venture that sells brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Also, he led the Arrow brand for the company.

This major change took place at a time when Arvind Fashion has been focusing on cutting the loss-making retail formats. It decided to shut down the stores of its value retail format Unlimited and ended its partnership with American fashion retailer GAP in India. In a statement, the company said that they will now keep its focus on six key brands and will work on providing global fashion experiences to the Indian consumers. They are also looking up to form strategies to expand their business with the help of digital capabilities.

Riteish Deshmukh recycles his mother’s old saree this way! Adorable, says Internet


Diwali 2020 is as special to Indian citizens as it is every year even amid the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. This festival means lights, family time, and buying new clothes, but Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh set a new example for us all. Girls are known to wear the old sarees of their mothers but this time, the Ek Villain actor did something that caught all our attention and love.

In his recent Twitter post, Riteish Deshmukh shared a video of a transition of how he recycled his mother’s old saree and got three kurtas; one for himself and two for his sons. This video is winning hearts all over the Internet. Here have a look at the video:

The blue turquoise saree of Deskmukh’s mother was turned into kurtas for the Deskmukh boys for the festival of lights. In the video, the mother is shown waving the saree in the air and in just a few seconds, the boys are seen standing wearing kurtas made of the sari along with the brightest smiles possible. Twitter is extremely loving the video and the idea.

Covid-19 : India-Nepal border to remain closed til 15th December


Amid the covid-19 pandemic, the Nepalese government has decided to extend the closure of there border with India for another month. A few days ago, some sources were citing to the Nepalese government in this regard and earlier today quoted that the borders will remain closed till December 15. Earlier, the border was expected to open on November 15.

20 entries points are shared by India and Nepal and all of these have been closed since March 25 when the national lockdown was imposed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, few of these points are opened occasionally on special circumstances for the pensioners of the Army forces.

As the news broke and reached the residents residing near the border, they shared their concerns amid the testing times. Sanjay Agarwal, a businessman from Banbasa in Champawat district quoted to the Times of India and said that in wake of the festive season, he was expecting normalcy in business in November but now, the thought was delayed for another month. He added that since the trade was dependent mainly on Nepalese customers, the business activities alongside the country border had totally collapsed due to the closure of it. Puspha Devi, a Nepalese married in India was also expecting the borders to open so that they could visit her maternal home and meet her parents, however, her plans were put to halt for another month.