India has always been known for its traditions, culture, landscapes, different ethnicity, spices and food, food being the major source of attracting people from all over the world. Indian food has always surprised the world for the tasty, luscious spices, unequaled texture, and its taste as a whole. The cooking techniques used in India are very different from what people use elsewhere and thus, all the food made in India, with love tastes nothing less than the bits and pieces of heaven itself. India is also very famous for its street food that people from across the world love to visit India for. It might be very surprising for all of us but the world is gushing over our cuisine and it’s insane. Let us look at the dishes that have traveled all the way from India to places like Germany, Italy, America and London. Here is a list of Indian dishes that are famous worldwide:


Rogan Josh, also called roghan josh or roghan ghosht is a dish from the beautiful landscapes of Kashmir. This dish has its roots in the Persian background. A piece of lamb or goat is cooked in the traditional method and then flavored and colored by spicy Kashmiri chillies. This dish is a gift from the Mughals to Indians and today, it makes us famous worldwide. If peace is to be restored in the world, it will be through food and if world war III ever happens, it will be because of food too.

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Makhan Murg, not that the foreigners would call it that but butter chicken is one of the most loved dishes in the country and represents India worldwide. The chicken is tenderly cooked in a tandoor and put in a separately cooked tomato puree filled with spices and onions and ginger-garlic paste and garnished with cream and sauce. The dish was first introduced to India from the corner of some small cities in Punjab.

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Aaloo is in itself the strongest emotion that any Indian feels, it’s put in anything and everything and aaloo doesn’t disappoint. Yes, unlike so many people themselves, aaloo is never disappointing. This dish requires boiling aaloo and marinading them and steaming them and if that’s not enough, this dish has mustard paste, coconut paste and so many spices. Aaloo is a very underrated vegetable but when it comes to the world, so many people are in awe of this one dish.

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From the warmth and beautiful landscapes of Rajasthan, we have for you, Banjari gosht made using mutton. Saute the onion and add spices and ginger-garlic paste, yogurt and coriander seeds. The mutton will turn soft, juicy and luscious under your watch and that’s when you’ll know what emotions I have been associating with food for so long.

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What is appam, you ask. Appam is a south Indian dish which is something like a rice pancake. Now, to go with it people prefer chicken stew and potatoes simmered in coconut milk. With the tasty and luscious spices and ingredients from the south in India, this dish is something to relish and enjoy and fall in love with. Most foreigners love the texture and the royal spices used.

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Kakori Kebab, which takes not more than one hour to be cooked properly, would melt in your mouth and to relish every bite of kebab that you eat, used minced lamb or mutton. It is further marinated to bring out the best of the taste and refrigerated later. This is later cooked on a charcoal grill and once grilled, the kebab tastes delicious and this, in itself is mouth watering.

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Oh, biryani is yet another gift of the Mughals to us. There are tens of ways to cook biryani, vegetarian and non vegetarian, all so beautiful and all so delicious. Biryani can be cooked in the pressure cooker or a pot and tastes all the same. It can be cooked with chicken, fish, vegetables and what not. The rice is tender, soft and extremely delicious.

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Bringing to your plates and thoughts now, Dhokla, a very famous Gujarati dish. It is made with fermented batter which is made from rice and split chickpeas. You can eat if for breakfast, as a snack, for lunch, dinner or for your entire lives based on how good you think it is. But I’m sure when it will melt on your tongue, you will fall for for everything that came together to become dhokla.

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Pav Bhaji is street food from the ever so beautiful streets of Mumbai. Pav Bhaji has its lovers all around the country and now, even worldwide. This dish is made from various vegetables and thus, is also very nutritious. The pav or the bun is buttered and heated and served with the vegetables serves. This is garnished with onion rings and chutney and lemon slices.

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There is not one person in this country I suppose who might not be in love with paranthas, be it aaloo, paneer, gobhi, onion, sugar, or what not. Stuff in anything and it becomes so delicious that you would want to eat like ten of them. If the world knows us as the country with paranthas, I think we would accept this honor and privilege with utmost sincerity and joy.

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Samosa is definitely one food item that no one can hate. It can be eaten as a snack and is filled with vegetables like potatoes, peas, chillies or sometimes paneer also. It is then fried and eaten. It’s outer crunchy crust and the soft mixture inside make a great combination and thus is is one of the many dishes that so many people enjoy worldwide.

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Gulab jamun has to be north India’s favourite dessert. It is one of the many delicious sweets that Indians make and is served in almost all events and weddings making it the national symbol of happiness in terms of food. It is a milk solid based sweet which is made primarily from khoa and saffron.

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Cholle Bhature is one dish that people would die for. It includes cholle or chana masala or spice white chickpeas and bhatura which is a bread made be using maida. It is mostly garnished with onion rings and a few spices and sometimes, chutney. This dish is yet another street food which adds to the glory of street food in India.

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Indian chaat is loved by every Indian and now worldwide too, be it golgappe or pani puri or phuchka. Chaat has a lot more variety to it including the papdi chaat. There are roadside stalls in India selling chaat and earning in thousands everyday. It derives its name from the hindi word “chaatna” because this definitely is finger licking good.

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Kulfi is an India frozen dairy dessert which melts in your mouth like tiny bites of snow garnished with everything heavenly. It was first made in the 16th century in India, and since then it has been one of the many loved desserts in India. Kulfi is just like ice cream but denser and maybe even tastier.

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From the corners of India, we bring to you another dish with boneless chicken baked on an angethi, marinating it with Indian spice and curd or dahi. It is also referred by some as the boneless version of the tandoori chicken. It is typically eaten with chutney or curd or raita.

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Everybody loves Rajma Chawal. Not one Indian who would say no to a plate full of rice topped with Rajma. It is completely vegetarian dish and thus Rajma or red kidney beans with rice is not once delicious and very nutritious but can also be eaten by one and all.

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Kheer is an Indian dish which is like a pudding but is made from  rice and milk and lots of sugar. Sometimes, it is flavored with cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashews, pistachios, almonds or other dry fruits and nuts. It is typically served after the meal as a dessert and is very very very delicious.

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Vada pav is one dish from the Indian streets that has left the entire world spellbound. It is made with pav which is an Indian bread and in it is the vada made by potatoes spices and is then fried. This dish is accompanied by chutney and chillies and is one of the tastiest street foods in India.

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Makki di roti te sarson da saag for you, all the way from the villages/pind of Punjab accompanied with lassi. Makki ki roti is an Indian bread made my cornflour and sarson ka saag with green leafy vegetables. Lassi, when had with it, makes you fall in love with Indian cuisine.

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India is very famous for its curry and Hilsa Fish Curry is one of them. This curry is made by the hilsa fish found in India and Bangladesh only. It is a very dear dish to the Bengalis and with time it has spread all over the world and found people who love it from other countries too.

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From South India, we bring to you Masala dosa. It is dosa with potato stuffing inside it. The dosa is made with rice and daal batter and filled with potatoes inside. It is eaten with sambhar, coconut chutney and is an extremely delicious dish and is usually eaten for breakfast.

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What’s kofta? Kofta is mostly made with gourd/ghiya which is grated and made into tiny balls and fried with besan. These balls, rich in texture and flavors are then served with delicious gravy made separately and are garnished with malai, butter cream and corriander.

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Naan is an Indian bread which can be eaten with anything and everything. Butter or ghee is spread over naan to make it tastier. It is very chewy and very delicious. It makes everything taste better than how it originally tasted.

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From the Punjabi cuisine yet again, we have another very popular and delicious vegetarian dish, dal makhni. It can be eaten with simple roti, chapati, naan or any other bread. It is a simple black dal made and then garnished with butter cream.

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Like we just discussed, kofta is made with ghiya/gourd or sometimes with potatoes. It is made by grating these and then adding besan to it and spices. Then we make a better and fry them in the shape of small balls. Kofta is one dish which can be eaten individually or with a gravy.

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Idli is yet another south Indian dish which is very delicious and juicy. It is made with rice, is a savory white rice cake. It is neither salty nor sweet mostly but is eaten with sambhar and coconut chutney which adds the flavor to it.

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Shahi paneer, again comes from North India and is a dish made from paneer and a thick, very delicious gravy of cream and tomatoes and Indian spices. It is one from the Mughlai cuisine and thus the name Shahi paneer. It can be eaten with any Indian bread.

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Kathi roll or the kati roll is a street food from the streets of Kolkata where veggies or kebab or tikkis are rolled into paratha bread and served warm. A lot of restaurants from the United States of America and London serve Kathi rolls to their customers.

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Jalebi is an Indian sweet which is famous not only in India but in the entire South Asia and middle East too. But recently, Jalebi has been winning hearts all over the world. Most people prefer eating jalebis with milk because it balances out the sweetness.

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