Dine-in at Delhi’s new Chinese Destination ‘Yi Jing’


New Delhi’s ITC Sheraton recently saw the launch of India’s second and North India’s first outlet of Chinese restaurant Yi Jing. Now the Chinese food junkies in Delhi have a new address to experience the cuisine and indulge into its authentic flavors.

The ‘sonnet’ of tastes and textures inspired by a combination of techniques from freehand Chinese painting to bonsai grooming makes it a unique experience for the diners.

Image Source: Instagram (sheraton_newdelhi)

With traditional cooking techniques using unique ingredients in refreshing and inventive ways, the restaurant celebrates the dominant culinary traditions from China’s Sichuan and Hunan provinces.

The restaurant which only opens for dinner introduces the concept Tie Ban – Chinese iron plate with separate veg and non-veg section (similar to Japanese style Teppanyaki). It is a new twist on Chinese culinary art, which has gained popularity over the past years as Chinese chefs became more imaginative and the diners more demanding for gourmet specialties.

This article was first published on IANS Life.

Featured Image Source: Instagram(sheraton_newdelhi)


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