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List of most popular, top 20 cities with best street food in India



Food is a religion in this country and street food the highest form of worship. Almost every city of India is filled with street food vendors who sell snacks common to that city or sometimes, snacks that are loved throughout the country. But where do I go for the best street food in India and what do I eat? Questions like these have always troubled me as a food lover and I’m sure if you consider food a passion, you might have come across this difficulty too. So here is a list of 20 cities in India that will never disappoint you when it comes to food and delicious dishes:


Delhi is extremely famous for the street food and the new, inventive dishes. The cholley bhature, ram ladoo, moth kachori and kesar lassi are some of the many dishes that the streets of Delhi offer to the food lovers who come their to find solace.

Picture Credits: Tarla Dalal


Mumbai, the city of dreams may also be referred to as the city of an amazing variety of delicious street food. A few things that the Mumbaikars will make you fall in love with are Pav bhaji, Vada pav, Misal pav and golas.

Picture Credits: Tarla Dalal


Kolkata has been recently named as the city with the most street food items and maybe, even the best one among all. A few snacks very popular in Kolkata are kathi rolls, mughlai paratha, panipuri, cutlets and roshogulla.

Picture Credits: Writtt


The city of Chennai is very famous for all the South Indian snacks that are very popular in the region. Some of the famous food items include idli, dosa and sea food .

Picture Credits: Heyraahi


In the beautiful hills of Dharamshala, one can always find the best street food ever, especially dishes from Tibet. Momos, thupka, shabley and pizzas are some dishes that have ruled the hearts of the people in Dharamshala.

Picture Credits: India Tours


Hyderabad needs no introduction when it comes to food because no food lover in unaware of how Hyderabad is one place where one can find a huge variety of dishes including Hyderabadi biryani, chicken nihari and seekh kebabs.

Picture Credits: Only in your state


Banaras, one of the many cities in India where people go especially for the street food. Some of the many dishes famous here include the various chaats, sandwiches, pakora, samosa and jalebis.

Picture Credits: Inditales


Mysore, and its many streets are filled with stalls of fast food that one will absolutely fall in love with. The many things sold there include gobi manchurian, dosa and egg fried rice.

Picture Credits: Tips Oye


Amritsar is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and is known for the tasty snacks it offers to the many visitors. Some of the tasty food items jalebi, gulab jamuns, kulche and paranthe.

Picture Credits: TipsOye


Lukhnow is the city of Nawabs and is very famous for its Awadhi cuisine. A lot of dishes that are sold in these stalls include kebabs, korma and Biryani.

Picture Credits: TipsOye


Manali is known for its multi-cuisine culture inherited from the Chinese cuisine and Indian cuisine. Manali is famous for pizzas, burgers, coffee, momos, thupka and what not. Trout fish is yet another famous dish from the streets of Manali.

Picture Credits: TipsOye


Patna is one of the most famous cities known for its street foods and amazing food. Some of the many delicious dishes that are famous in Patna are litti chokha, aloo kachalu, dahi choora and ghughni choora.

Picture Credits: Bihari Adda


Ahmedabad is one of the most famous food centers for vegetarians in India. Some of the snacks that are very famous in Ahmedabad include fafda, jalebi, khakra, dhokla and sev. For the non-vegetarians, we have tandoori chicken and roasted mutton.

Picture Credits: Conde Nast Traveller India


Chandigarh is the hub for North Indians where delicious food is available on every second street. Chandigarh is very famous for food like choley bhature, kulche, butter chicken, tandooris, tikkas and Chinese food.

Picture Credits: TipsOye


Kashmiri people are known for their tasty food which is filled with love and oneness. Some very known dishes are Yakhni, goshtaba, Kashmiri dum aloo, and the very famous rogan josh.

Picture Credits: Youtube


Jaipur is the pink city of the country and is known as the city with the yummiest food in Rajasthan. Snacks from the city include kathi rolls, kulfi, kachoris and Rawat sweets.

Picture Credits: Remote Traveller


Agra is not only known for the Taj Mahal but also for the amazing street food available there. Some of the many food items served here would include petha, bedai and kachori.

Picture Credits: Ferraros Fine Italian.


Pune is known for the very delicious Puneri misal. Pune provides us with a variety of snacks, the street food which includes thalipeeth, sabudana khichdi, bharleli vangi and batatachi bhaji.

Picture Credits: Indi Tales


Kochi is a small city in Kerala where the most delicious Kerala delights are available. Some street food snacks that you would want to taste these would include dosa, idli, vada and ginger lassi.

Picture Credits: Quartz


Bengaluru offers the authentic South Indian delights to its visitors. Some of the dishes that one might want to try here include the akki roti, the momos, kebabs and the biryani.

Picture Credits: Local Guide’s Connect

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1 Comment

  1. Sanidhya Agrawal

    June 24, 2020 at 11:54 am

    Wow, Great work and thank you so much for making this list having all the famous food in different cities.

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Big grocery retailers like Amazon and Big Basket are trying to cash on their own private label brands, as customers look for cheaper options due to the advent of economic crisis. Therefore, new, smaller retailers will have to pave way for themselves to reach out to the customers. “The likes of BigBasket are going full hog on private labels, across categories. This is the perfect time to push for private labels, because again the data tells you that people aren’t buying goods, primarily because of access, which has a very, very big part to play at this stage in the cycle,” said Shahdadpuri, one of the leading consumer-focused investors in the Indian startup ecosystem.

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Ranveer Brar is helping Street food vendors through his million followers



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Brar says that he intends to celebrate both of these milestones by taking up a new cause — one that includes returning to society. To this end, Ranveer will use his global status on social media to raise awareness and funds for these pan-India training modules, some of which he will also conduct directly through Zoom. The intention is to inspire more vendors to come forward for the preparation, on completion of which they are offered a chance for a proper business footing via an FSSAI certificate + a starter kit consisting of an apron, a pair of gloves, a sanitizer and a mask. Brar also wants to enable clients to share self-curated, sanitization kits through # MakingMillionCount.

Brar also wants to encourage patrons to share self-curated sanitization kits with their favourite roadside suppliers through # MakingMillionCount to encourage and inspire them back to work.

Brar, a boy from Lucknow, has a long association with the street food community for which the city is renowned. “You crave street food when you are young. Perhaps far later can you learn to love home-cooking, “he says.” Food on the street is near to my heart because of the legacies, magic and stories we get with every bite. He is partial to Varanasi’s chaat and Kachori, Lucknow’s tundey kababs or even Old Delhi’s famous chole bhature.

By starting this program, he is helping such small vendors to stand up on their own. Many customers are now not interested in visiting these street shops anymore, by providing proper sanitation equipment it will jump-start their business.

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Flipkart introduces voice assistant for grocery shopping



Flipkart has become the pioneer to blend conversational artificial intelligence that can recognise speech, understand natural language, translate machine, and text to speech for Indian languages. This technology is capable of understanding diverse Indian languages and take the customers through the app while explaining about the product features, usage, etc. 

Walmart-owned Flipkart made a big announcement on Tuesday. It launched a voice assistant on its platform to assist people in their grocery shopping. Launched in the Flipkart’s grocery platform “Supermart,” it will help people in navigating through different products and place orders in multiple languages commencing with Hindi and English. 

Flipkart has become the pioneer to blend conversational artificial intelligence that can recognise speech, understand natural language, translate machine, and text to speech for Indian languages. This technology is capable of understanding diverse Indian languages and take the customers through the app while explaining about the product features, usage, etc. 

Invented by Flipkart’s in-house technology team, this solution can help thousands of customers who are not comfortable with the manual nature of eCommerce websites. 

The new development is currently available to English and Hindi users possessing an android device and Flipkart’s app, however, it will be made available on iOS devices and the website soon. 

Flipkart said it had undertaken a detailed ethnographic study for about five months in multiple towns and cities to gather insights and opportunities that led to the development of the voice assistant for groceries.

“The research brought forward interesting insights from users wanting to do a variety of tasks using voice while seeking easy accessibility of services. Therefore, Flipkart believes its Voice Assistant will elevate the user’s grocery shopping to more personal and natural experience,” it added.

“As a homegrown e-commerce company, Flipkart has been at the forefront of building India-first innovations and video, vernacular and voice have been the key pillars of solving for the adoption of e-commerce in India. While we have seen great adoption for our video and vernacular offerings, the next step in that direction is to solve for the voice capability for e-commerce,” Flipkart Chief Product and Technology Officer Jeyandran Venugopal said.

He further said that the technology team rigorously travelled throughout the country to gain a better understanding of the various contours of building a voice capability and fine-tune it to identify and respond to the different variations in Indian languages.

Believing that groceries have a huge growth potential in the future, Manish Kumar, SVP Grocery and General Merchandise & Furniture at Flipkart said, “Our grocery business has grown phenomenally over the last year, making this the right time for us to introduce the voice assistant capability,

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