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Top Fashion Tips- What to Wear to Different Occasions

A lot of people have a goal to develop their own distinctive personal style, or they are trying out different fashion trends before they choose their go-to pieces. However, based on your professional occupation, you have more or less a chance to showcase your personal style on various events.

But, also regardless of your occupation or personal preferences, it’s important to be familiar with certain fashion rules for different occasions, so you’d know how to express yourself better through your outfits and also to make sure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Here you can read more about different dress codes and style tips for specific occasions.

Night Out in the Casino

Traditional casinos are still a source of inspiration for many films and fashion styles. Their whole atmosphere can represent glamour and sophistication, and many people see going out to a casino as a special night out. On the other hand, there are many online casinos like NetBet with special promotions for Indians, where you can play casino games whenever you want, dressed in whatever feels comfortable.

If you like sports betting, online casinos like https://sport.netbet.com/in/ have even a dedicated section for betting where you can bet on different matches. Moreover, loyal members can get even more special benefits as they play on casino sites.

Still, land-based casinos have a lot to offer, and when you’re on holiday or it’s a first time out in a casino, you’d want a dress in a way that’s into compliance with the dress code of the casino. High-end establishments have a dress code that you must follow to be able to enter the casino. You can visit the website of the casino for more information about their dress code.

When you want to gamble in such an exclusive establishment, then it’s better to wear a suit or dress up with a fancy dress. It’s better to avoid jeans, sneakers, t-shirts. But, when the casino has a more laid-back atmosphere and casual dress code, you can wear something more casual like darker jeans, pants, blouse but still stay clear from ripped jeans or loungewear.

Formal Events

A black-tie event means that you’ll be wearing formal attire. Men can wear a tuxedo, black shoes, vest, bow tie, or a white shirt. Women tend to have more options like a floor-length dress, silk saree, beautiful gown, for example. It’s also important to know the type of event because if you’re going to a formal business event, you can wear more neutral colors, a button-down shirt, jacket, and a tie. Women can wear a long skirt, jacket, pantsuit, among other options.

Semi-Formal Event

There’re types of events where you can wear semi-formal outfits. Some companies, for example, tech startups, have a lot of conferences and meetings that have a semi-formal dress code. Or, maybe you’re invited to a party that isn’t strictly formal. Some good examples include pantsuit, (you can wear a cashmere one or satin, for example), fancy top, with sandals, dress paired with heels. Men also have great options like a shirt and chinos, blazer, colored suit, printed shirt, and a vest is also a good choice, but optional.


In conclusion, choose an outfit that is still part of your personal style even when you attend exclusive events or formal business meetings. Fashion trends can be a great inspiration when you’re choosing an outfit, but still, be aware of the dress code of the event.  It should also be mentioned that if it’s possible for you to purchase sustainable clothing. Naturally, it’s always important that you feel comfortable with your choice.


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