April 19: Wearing sneakers under your traditional Indian outfits would have never been this style, The Saree Sneakers is recently planning to further expand its fusion style product offering.

The up-and-coming brand recently has launched Shruti Kasat, a designer based in Kolkata. Furthermore, they are expanding their name in the market by offering sneakers embellished with the Indian embroidery techniques those are designed to be worn with the lehengas and sarees. The information was delivered via the brand’s Facebook page.

Introducing a service ‘customisable’, the brand gives opportunity to the brides to have sneakers created to match their wedding look and outfit using the similar textiles. Also, the brand offers the addition of wedding initials, hashtags, and wedding dates as ’embellishments’ on the sneakers.

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Sharing her take over the development, Kasat had told Elle India, “We plan to explore more in the fields of footwear and accessories. We have many new ideas that interest us in this zone and we are working towards exploring that. Redefining stereotypes is what we like to do best.”

When asked about how she launched the brand, she said, “Being a mother to a toddler I was to attend a family wedding and had no intentions of wearing heels. I needed my comfort and style. In my failed attempts to find sneakers that I could wear with my ghagra and saree, the idea for The Saree Sneakers was born. When I made the first pair and wore it for a wedding, it was an instant hit and the rest is history”


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